Friday, May 29, 2009

More on trial options - selling strategy - MEMBERSHIP SITE

I am prety sure that this is a key question that can increse or decreases sales by up to 50%.

It has to do with presenting or not presenting the test drive in the right format.

Until now, trial has been just a test drive of the table of contents in the e-book.

because of the amount of content that has been added this test drive no longer reflects what people get.

Yes, I believe that it should be updated.

There are 5 possible options:
  • No test drive
  • 24 hours fully functional test drive
  • 7 days test drive - access to the page - limited access to resources
  • The sales page is the test drive
  • Video test drive - I record a vid on what visitors to the member area will get

All 4 options are possible.

Of these options, I believe that one of them will give the best results.

I have some ideas but no clear enough vision of which test drive solution works best.

I need an answer on that one!

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