Sunday, May 24, 2009

one solid week into these tests - More conclusions for today - SEO

today, the downward trend is confirmed.

Traffic to satellite blogs is about 8% of entrance visits for the last 100 visitors. 80% of this comes from one specific blog

overall traffic is still low

sales are low to no change

main sales page - low

we are in the weekend right?

yesterday was saturady and we are overall in a holiyday period with ascencion day + Monday is memorial day in the US.

So, it is NORMAL to have low traffic right now.

There is NO change with the normal natural observed tred for this type of period.

Even though 5-10% of entrances are still through these new blog posts, traffic overall stays basically the same.



It could be that the blogging SEO strategies I have been using could take off after a month of activity, that the search engine juice directed to the main sales page is boosted, that the overall traffic to the site + sales goes up after some time.

However after one week testing, NONE of this is showing.

The results are so minimal or even negative overall that it does make these efforts worthless on this 7 days period.

I have no idea how this trend could evolve on the longer term.

It could go any way.

Again, the options are
  • Keep on doing more of the same and expect different results either on a week period or long term
  • Use the same strategy but perfect it and be more strict with posting of high traffic keyword targeted posts
  • Test social bookmarking SEO strategies
  • Drop it for now and put my energy in another line of action.

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