Friday, May 22, 2009

Penalization from search engines? - Real or not? - SEO

Once traffic starts growing and then suddenly drops, of course that question I can ask.

Now, is this real????

There is no penalization.

Seearch engines simply a=index the pages and rank them according to their algorythm.

This algorythm embeds a set of qualities required to score high and might score lower if the pages diplays certain other qualities.

It is logical.

It is aimed at delivering results + making sure that search engines are not manipulated by people simply promoting their products.

Both Yahoo and google offer paid advertising, right?

Well the whole point for their advertising system to be credible is to make sure that people don't get that type of exposure for free at will.

I mean this is such a big debate and in fact, I won't get into it.

I said above that there is no penalization. There is simply an estimation of the value of a page + the channel in which is presented - That's either the blog or the website.

So, here are some top key behaviors that could score low in the search engine ranking process:
  • too much duplicated content
  • too many posts
  • titles for the post too similar
  • posted on too many blogs
  • too much sudden activity, nothing after that
  • too intense abnormal activity on the blog
  • Too much traffic directed to just one place
  • Abnormal linking - like 20 posts with 100 links each
  • Etc

The key question is:

If any of these elements are EFFECTIVELY diqualifiers, which one are they?

And what disqualifying value do they cary respectively!

When we enter in that field, there is LOTS of gues work.

I could reorinet my posting strategy when in fact it might not matter at all.

Maybe certain behaviors that I think could be disqualifiers might not be at all.

On the other hand, ceratin factors that I could consider irrelevant are in fact disqualifiers.

On top of that, a factor that is irrelevant or caries little weight can become a massive top disqualifier overnight through an algorythm change.

+ There is lots of variation between search engines.


At this stage, it works at 95% by following my gut + listening a bit to some information out there.

The thing is that the only ones who know EXACTLY what is going on are the ones who design the algorythms of course.

When a PR guy reveals something about it, it REALLY could be a misleading strategy to side track the SEO industry!

Would they use such techniques?

Of course they could! Remember that Billions of $ are at stake!

SEO competes with adwords!

SEO competes with yahoo ads!

Are they going to help SEO???? why would they do that?

To keep everyone happy? that's the PR aspect of all that and guess what?

What is said through "Official" announcements is certainly only a small fraction of what is truly going on.

The guys who design the algorythms want to stay a few steps ahead of course!

That's the plan!

It is like a secret code that is aimed and designed to never be found.

If the SEO industry gets any closer to finding it, then it is redesigned and updated with a new set of codes!

Yes! It is logical and makes abolsute sense to think that way.

This does not mean that SEO does not work!!!

Of course it does... to a certain extent + You need to constantly refine your strategy so that disqualifiers are not triggered.

Of course, QUALITY CONTENT is a key, but quality content gives you nothing in search engines.

yes, eventually the public might find you but guess what... You have millions of pages written out there that nobody read and nobody finds...

Why? because they are lost in a sea of content.

... And the only way they will be found is if somehow they surface in this sea of unsorted content.

When a search engine returns 1'000'000 results, even if you go to the result 989, there is still 999'000 results that don't even show up, EVER!

+ if you are not in the first page of results, you are almost as lost.

So, it is essential to be super smart with this SEO thing!


MUST go hand in hand.


Of course, there are a whole lot of other options that simply don't depend on search engines - Yes, you can create a connection with an audience, be super good at what you do, have millions of people know about you and never show up in search engine results.

That type of exposure is simply gained through other marketing or exposure avenue.

It can be a best seller, a key role in a move, incredible skills, etc.

But this is not what we are covering here, is it?

So, let's stick to search engines from now and keep identifying the best blogging SEO strategies.


By the way, another point...

I am still talking mainly about blogging SEO because this is a technique I am testing now and gives me the possibility to create solid content relatively fast.

I did already successfully use many other SEO approaches and might cover that another time.

As I am only scratching the tip of the possibilities with BLOGGING SEO, I will keep exploring this as it is a fascinating and exciting adventure, REALLY!

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