Sunday, May 17, 2009

Posting to blogs - What's next? - SEO

So far, so good

With the right technology and tools in place, it is REALLY possible to post 100 posts/day to hundred different blogs.


It requires, focus and consistency but it is doable!

The question is odes it work?


Do search engines pick your pages up!

They do!

The challenge though is to score high in high traffic key phrases.

It is not difficult to get a page to appear in the top 5 for a 5 words keyphrase.

It is even easy to appear in the top #5 in the recent results with a 3 words string.

The challenge is to take all that to the next level and appear in top #3 to top #5 for a 3 word string in general searches with no brackets.

That's probably how most people search.

While it would be logical for the exact phrase to appear on top when brackets are not used, that's not what happens.


What else can be done?

This is what I will cover in a future post

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