Saturday, May 23, 2009

Results after 7 days of testing - SEO

Here is what is happening so far...

After a short increase in traffic, especially on the main blog, traffic overall is now almost back to what it was before I started this campaign.

This is with the exception of a few hits on satellite blogs but this is it!

There is a slight increase in traffic to the main sales page but nothing too spectacular at this stage even though it IS visible - around 10%-20% increase overall.

Is this enough to justify an ongoing efforton this campaign... Well... I'll cover this further in a moment and check the possible strategic choices.


What do these results mean?


After a short traffic boost, traffic goes back to normal.

As observed in the past, this type of traffic surge happens when there is sudden activity. It happened with other SEO pages, main product pages, videos, etc.


No visible increase in sales

In this short 7 days period, there is no significant increase in sales.

Again, the real range period should be 30 days to have a real more solid estimation.


No increase in traffic

It looks totally steady - the overall traffic to blogs is the exact same as before - only the main breakup blog has a temporary surge.

The main vitalnews channel shows no change.

The satellite blogs show of course some traffic but it does stay minimal and shows a strong decrease too after these initial few days.


So... 7 days of focus - No increase in traffic + No increase in sales


Long term?

Well... It could absolutely be that the main sales page could have its traffic boosted long term because of the amount of incoming links.

Yes, it is possible that within a month of this type of activity, there could be a strong traffic increase, but that's not proven either.

After 7 days of activity, the traffic boost to the main page is around 10%-20% - This probably means that number of sales would probably increase within the same type of proportion.


Yes, I do believe that follow up on this strategy could lead to increase in traffic to the main sales page, generate buzz, etc.

What is super important though is that after 7 days of activity geared towards boosting traffic to the site, there is effectively ZERO change in the overall traffic and sales.

That's the core element to remember for now.

If there is a change it stays within the 5%-10% traffic range and because of daily variations it is not really perceptible.


One thing... The strategy I used originally with fast high number extremely optimized pages for a given keyphrase did lead to the best results orginally - After that, I have not been as consistent with the strategy because I have been testing other wasy of posting.

I don't know what results would be if I simply focus on a single posting strategy fo for instance 50 highly optimized pages every day.

that's not something I did consistently.

Why? Because after a couple of days, I saw a drop in traffic and thought of shifting my posting strategy.

But yes, I could go back to the original posting idea and follow up on that.


To follow up on this previous point, here is a quick test I just did.

I made a search for a post I made yesterday using the title as the search term.

And there it is - my post is on 3rd position and it is my main breakup blog that gets it!

So, my main breakup blog is still there in the search results!!!


It is not gone.

Let's test this!

Next post... same story! number one! main breakup blog

One more test?

There it is again, this time it is the main vital news blogs that is number one, followed by the sam post on one of the satellite blogs.

Another one of my wordpress blogs is number 3.

So, here is my guess:

My guess is that fresh posts score high for 24 hours and then decrease in the search results.

They don't disapear - They simply don't get that initial boost.

There are many ways to follow up and expand on this.

This is NOT the end of this story and there are literally dozens of avenues that could be explred along that line...


By the way, I instinctively knew when I started this Blogging SEO campaign that the time frame was 30 days.

It's over a 30 days period that results and tests can REALLY be measured.


So, the possible strategic choices for now are:

  • Keep on doing what I have been doing for a week + perfect the strategies, posting, etc and do it at least for 30 days - In other terms follow up


  • Drop it for now


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