Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sales come in... Simply not on the product I am promoting - BLOGGING SEO

Sales are coming in but not much on the main product I am promoting which is breakup for men.

True, the traffic increase is not significant enough to multiply the numbre of sales and I have frequently seen these calm periods before...

But energy wise, it could be that something is either missing or is not on track and I need to identify exactly what this element is.

Basically, whe you are out ther promoting and are maybe too loud, it can be a turn off, right?

It is like entering a shop and having a sales person running to you, it can really make you feel uncomfortable.

So, while you make active promotion and should get solid results, you can sometimes get the opposite results.

So... I need to know!!!

is there something that I am doing which is overdone or something that I am NOT doing that I should be doing?

This has to do with REALLY connecting with my audience.

yesterday, I made a solid attempt through a couple of trageted articles, but it was apparently not enough to generate a response.

Yes, I felt a strong connection but still no answer...

So, what IS the key here.

I feel like I am missing a key element and have not yet identified it exactly.

I can see many possible things but hae not yet a clear answer...

So, I will simply brainstorm a bit to clear some of these ideas.


I am engaged right now in a marketing and selling activity!

Yes! The posts I am sending online are ads for my products.

They are sophisticated ads but they are still ads!

The call for action IS clear.

Now, I feel I need to "reorient" my selling strategy or attitude and position myself differently.

One possibility would be to ad value differently and ad a simple link at the end with a subtle suggestion or question mark.

But I am not sure how to do this or how to present it.

It could as well be the packaging!

Or simply remove my will power from it.

My audience might feel pressured, directed in a way that does not feel nice and responds with resistance to my input.

Yes!!! That could be it... In a way, that's EXACTLY what I feel is happening.

So, why do they respond that way?

because bothe the ads + the energy I am tuning in now is strong directive and powerful.

And people want to stay in control.

They don't like being forced into buying something even if the product they are directed to buy is the best they could get.

Basically, when pressure is too strong, it kills the trust and the connection with my audience.

They feel like they are not given a choice!

So, there could really be another way:

simply put a series of links to vids, articles or success stories and let everyone decide what they want to do next.

Yes! Let's try that!

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