Monday, May 25, 2009

Selling strategy on blog posts - BLOGGING SEO

Now, that traffic starts kicking in a bit it is time to look at the next development stage on the page and find out the abolsute best selling strategy and call for action on the page.

Here are a few options:
  • Click here - directs to the main sales page - present option
  • Offer a set of free articles?
  • Forced opt in?
  • grab this free report?
  • free test drive with loads of value?
  • 1$ test drive?
  • 24 hours test drive full access - shifts to $19 one time after that?
  • what?

Anything is possible, right?

What I decided to do in the past is sell the main product directly.

No complicated marketing scheme.

There is LOTS on the sales page and the product is VERY cheap.

yes! It worked well and was a successful strategy so far.

Now, the question is:

Is it time to shift to another type of call for action which could result in a higher conversion rate, sales, etc?


I have to be VERY cautious with that as in last month when the new membership system was launched, I tried various different formats.

At the end, I did fall back to total simplicity.

One offer, one price, exact same sales letter, the only change was delivery.

Now, during this testing period, I learned a few things:


  • Right affordable price IS essentail

Higher price meant a massive drop in sales - I tested many prices and yes, sales came back as expected as soon as I came back to the original price



Another BIG ONE!

When testing the signup page with various options, more info links, two payment options, enter login, choose password, customers sales were not coming through. I could test that again to confirm but it does make sense.

having multiple offers to choose from IS stressfull.

Making that choice for customers and offering a simple one option is apparentlty the best way to go.

There is much more to say on that but I'll better focus on the next point


The nex point is:

should I opt for another call for action than simply "click here" to go to next page?

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