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Strategic options - Focus on what matters most! - WEB STRATEGIES


This one concerns much more than selling - It is the overall strategy for development on the site.

There are MANY options and directions to go and it is super ESSENTIAL to put energy where it is needed the most.

Just on the site there dozens of directions that can be taken - Some could be positive and important some others are important but don't make much difference overall for various reasons.

So... here we go!

First the steps that can be taken that don't change much overall:


Changes in video, articles or audio directory pages:

  • adding success stories in video directory pages

These pages even though they are a key element of the navigation don't get much traffic.

Right now, the limiting factor is NOT how they look, it is the fact that simply not much traffic goes to them.

  • changing anything else in these "directory" and product pages

Again, the true limiting factor is traffic to these pages. Even if they are totally optimized and perfected, right now, they get very little traffic because they are "generic". They are general and not specific to a certain product.

On the other hand, pages, like "break up - for men" which cover a specific topic do get much more traffic.

It's logical, right?

This means that 90% of visitors are interested in the the topic first and then eventuall in the WAY it is delivered.

People don't search for "videos" or "articles", they seearch for break up solutions.

That one is clear, right?

So, the conclusion is that:

Yes! I could spend much time developing the quality of these pages (and I might still do of course) but that's not going to change much in essence


Blog design

Another one that will change little to the overall results.

I already tested that in the past - added more fancy and well deigned title icons - published high quality content, etc.

Not much change overall and the reason is simple!

The core of my products is the products page, not the blog. is my product page.

The corresponding blog is there to deliver the content but little to no traffic is directed to it.

Right now, a few aspects of the blogs could be developped and improved but again, it won't make much difference in the final outcome


Automatic blog posting

This is a strategy that I used in the past and while it did work a bit, especially for getting audios delivered to posdcasts, it's not clear what type of impact it might have had on the overall traffic + impact of the site.

Let's check that!

A few blosg have been launched about 10 months ago aimed at increasing traffic to my break up for men page.

Lots of keyword rich links + more.

As I decribed in another post, this could have lead to increased traffic to that specific page but the results are not yet 100% clear.

here is the link to that post

Does automatic posting to blog work? - TRAFFIC BUILDING


New e-books or products

New products with little traffic impact

I created at least 20 new e-books in the last + many videos.

All these products have their own main page with signup option.

Now, the challenge with all these products is that they don't get much traffic.

Of course not - It is to be expected as there was little traffic effort put into them.

While creating and posting these products in the vital membership does ad value of course, it does not fundamentally change the amlount of sales + traffic.

Yes! It is definitely something I can keep on doing.

No, it does not create a radical change in traffic or sales.


I say it again!

Yes, all these steps that can be taken DO have value but they are not steps that will radically change the impact of the site, sales, or signups


Here are some more...


Satellite sites optimization + design

These ones get little traffic.

It takes away energy and juice from the main site.

Eventually some small results can be seen but of course, what would REALLY impact on those sites is that there is much more core activity + traffic building activity given to them.

Simply creating them and forgeting about them is not good enough to generate a solid impact.


Activity on my youtube channel

By activity I mean social activity - answering free questions - activating connections - friends requests - welcoming new subscribers - Etc.

Posting new vids is a whole different story of course and DOES work

But all the social activity which is focused on one on one connections does not change much.

Yes! There are some individual stronger connections that can be established but these are supposed to be happening with my coaching clients.

In fact, since I stopped answering free advice in eiethr youtube or my forums, coaching signups are up significantly.

Of course!

It's logical but it could have been the other way round.

Offering free advice could have given me some good will points and attract positive attention from prospects and future clients.

In reality, the exact opposite happens:

offering free advice one on one devaluates my services and is a turn off for those who would have signed up otherwise.


So, here we go...

We have 6 lines of activity so far that don't really change much in results:

  • Product directory pages
  • Blog designs
  • Automatic blog posting
  • New e-books or products
  • Satellite sites optimization
  • Activity on Youtube channel

Anything else?

Of course, there are many more marketing activities that don't significantly shift the impact of the site.

These are more action lines that I don't even mention because they are more obvious but here we go:

  • Making small design changes on the site
  • Answering questions in other forums
  • Writing 500 new articles and posting them on my site
  • Optimization changes in adwords campaigns (the prices they practice have gone so much up the roof!!! No matter how much you optimize, they still often force you to pay $0.80 for very common keywords - My present limit is at $0.20 and even with accepting to pay 20 cents/click 80% of my keywords are still disabled!)

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