Friday, May 22, 2009

Traffic drop on main break up blog? - SEO

That's exactly one of the elements that force to check for potential disqualifiers.

What is interesting is that first lots of traffic is suddenly directed to that blog and then after a few days, this traffic drops.

the posting strategy is still very similar except that yesterday, there were hardly any posts because of other priorities.

First, this traffic drop would need to be confirmed tomorrow once all traffic and stats are processed in the main analytics engines.

Now, if this drop is real, it might mean that there is something in my blog posting activity that does trigger a disqualifier response.

the key is to find EXACTLY what activity triggers that response.

Is it just one type of activity or a combination of elements + what are they?

Does the drop happen precisely BECAUSE I stopped taking the positive steps I had been taking previously?

If it is the case, why do a couple of other blogs get some solid traffic.

This last element could be an indication.

is THIS specific blog the only one who triggers a disqualifying response or do all blogs follow the same trend?

many questions...

This is a VERY solid and essential set of questions.

The exact answer to these questions IS what SEO is really about.

Solutions coming soon...


By the way, these sudden traffic variations have been oserved in the past with many other pages including SEO pages, satellite sites + random pages on the site.

So, it is NOT exceptional... I would even have been suprised if it didn't happen at all


In fact, when i check the stats, I seem to observe a drop in almsot all blogs, not just the main one...

So, this would mean that whatever is causing the drop is probably is an activity or action that was performed on all blogs not just the main one.

To be checked tomorrow once all stats are processed...

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