Monday, May 25, 2009

Traffic up! - SEO

The stats for yesterday show a nice traffic increase on a few sides:
  • Main breakup blog
  • main sales page
  • oveall visit entry pages through the blogging SEO pages

On this last one, blogging SEO Posts entries represent close to 20% of all entires which is a very good result considering that the site has been active for years.

Within 10 days, entries boost is up 20% and only a fraction of the potential has been used. In fact 5 x more could be done but because i am still testing techniques, I prefer taking small steps, measuring results and engaging further into what REALLY works.

So, I need to observe results.

This increase is not yet showing in sales or overall traffic on the site.

As I said earlier, the last few days have been holiday trend with a natural decrease in traffic + daily variation mean that even a 10-20% increase would not even that perceptible within a "low" holyday weekend.

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