Monday, June 8, 2009

2nd stage post optimization tests - BLOGGING SEO

Some days ago, I teste a new strategy.

It consists in taking the pages that score high and optimize them even further with the goal of getting them to rank even higher.

The steps i took which consist in adding sets of related targeted keywords + posting targeted links to that post again take some time to apply.

This second stage optimization process takes aroun 30 min for 4 posts!

That's time consuming, right?

The thing is that only 4 posts in 30 min is not much.

The question is: Is it worth it?

Or is there another more direct step that can be taken and will multiply results much faster?

The other alternative is to post links somewhere else.

Remember that with the first strategy, around 250 links get posted in 3 min.

That's fast and it is the reason why this type of optimization works.

I need the same type of effectiveness when engaging in a new strategy.

So, new places to post links to these specific posts is the type of strategy that could complement the ones existing.

I need something simple that can be implemented easily as an extra systematic step

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