Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blog top design and conversion - BLOGGING SEO

As I said earlier, in the last few days, I have been testing this new design page to see how it can convert.

It is simple, one healine, one vid, one call for action.

So far, the time on the page seems to be longer which would be a good sign.

Here is the call for action I tested so far:


This link directs to a test drive page where visitors enter name and email to access their test drive.
As I said, The conversion is VERY poor on that one.
The conversion could be poor because visitors don't click on the link or visitors do click on the link but stop at the following page
On the following page which is the signup page they have to give name and email before accessing the test drive.
I checked to see how many visitors acces that signup page and numbers are still insignificant!
For a free link, the conversion rate is less than 1-2% which is stunning!
So, the answer is clear anyway - that call for action is NOT a success.
If I compare this results with another similar call for test drive action on the sales page, results are VERY different.
Even though this sales page test drive is not as prominent as the one on the blog, the sales page one converst at close to 10%.
Now, remember that probably 2/3 of visitors leave the page almost instantly when they see it's a product for sale.
So, considering that, the results are quite ok.
It tells as well that the results on the blog page are super low and that the "Instant test drive" call for action is obviosuly not a good one!
I still see with that example around 2% of visitors might be accsing the page and then abandon the step at the next page once email and name are required.
I decided to test now another call for action because the results were so low anyway...
Today, I decided to launch a new test.
This time I will post a link that says:
this link directs to a sign up page with short description of the product + price + email box + name box
On "continue" the visitor is directed to the paypal payment page automatically
This is it!
I will test and track results over the next couple days
Her we go...

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