Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blogging SEO options - What's the best way to go? - BLOGGING SEO

There are really many places where I can put my energy!

Here are some possible options:

  • Create new posts
  • Promote the posts which are already scoring ok
  • Modify or ad something to existing pages which are doing ok?
  • Repost what has already been posted?
  • Cross linking between posts
  • Promoting SEO pages
  • Creating new blogs
  • Diversifying the topics
  • Focus on social bookmarking
  • Etc

Now, that I tooke the first steps, what's the best way to go?

Keep on creating new posts exactly the way I did till now?


Promote the existing pages or modify them so that they score higher?


What do I know?

I know that

  • the links to SEO pages at the bottom of the breakup blog might contribute to 5-10 visits/day - That's not the type of results we are looking for
  • I know that 2 weeks of posting links to the main sales page generate now around 10-20 clicks per day extra - This is the equivalent of having a stronger adwords campaign
  • I know that the new SEO blog posts are generating suddenly 30-100 visits/day that were not there before.

So, this last strategy in terms of visits is the one that seems the most effective so far.

My bookmarking SEO attempts were not too effective simply because I miss an effective tools able to do that automatically. The tool I tried simply did not deliver what it promised.

So, blog posts work!

So far this strategy is one of the most powerful traffic building tools I ever had.

Yes! I can keep on doing what I did till now or try to perfect this strategy in one way or another...

By the way, what generates the results on the blog is the numer of posts.

250 posts generated traffic!

So, traffic is not just concentrated on a few targeted keywords.

It is really the overall number of posts that does the trick!


Most of the posts that generate traffic are posts which are targeted and optimized.

Simply writing an article or a success story and hope that it will generate traffic is a waste of time if what you want is traffic.


One essential point is that the mian breakup blog does get much more traffic than any other blog.

There are two differences between the main blog and the other ones:

  • It was there first much before these other blogs were created
  • I post links back to the blog posts systematically after ten posts.

This means that 25 other blogs have literally hundreds of links posting to this blog.

I don't know which of these two creates the greates impact but it must be one of those 2 as there are other blogs hosted on with the same blog posts that don't get that type of traffic.

yes! That's another important element:

  • the blog is hosted on vitalcoaching which gives it attention and more credibility than those posted on a non personal domain name.

So, there are two new strategies I will try to implement now:

  • Post links to other blogs hosted on vitalcoaching
  • Repost the links with posts that I already created before

I'll get a feeling in the next few days if this is having any impact...


By the way, I will quickly check traffic again to the other breakup blogs hosted on the site to see if this trend IS real

I checked and yes! It is confirmed.

The other two breaks up blogs hosted on the site get VERY little traffic to their pages

only 1-3% of the traffic of the main blog.

So, today, I just tested a new strategy.

I started posted the links to not only the main blog but the two other blogs as well


I reposted 6 series of links to all blogs ----> 6 series x 10 links x 25 blogs ==== 1500 links back to main blog.

I'll check if these two new strategies seem to pay off over the next couple days.

one question that already arises... Is it better to focus on doing that for just one blog or diversify and use the same strategy on the two other blogs hosted on vitalcoaching?

I'll check that in the coming couple of days

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