Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cross linking - What blogs score high? - BLOGGING SEO

I tested the theory I talked about earlier and rather thanb posting links in all blogs to the main blog, I posted links to the two other blogs hosted on vitalcoaching.

Instnat results at least on one of the the blogs.

Traffic multiplied instantly!

So, the conclusion is that this is the MAJOR traffic building strategy that brings back traffic to the main blog.

When applied to these other blogs, results appear fast.

Now the second blog on which this works has been active for about a year.

Three questions:
  • Would this cross linking to posts still work if the blog was brain new?
  • What if it is hosted on another domain name?
  • What if it's not my own domain but hosted on wordpress or blogger?

These are more questions I need to test in the next few days so that I can optimize these strategies...

I will as well see what happens if I intensify this cross linking strategy on those new blogs that saw their traffic boosted - what would happen then?

By the way traffic to main blog is still up


Traffic on main sales page is steady

Overall traffic especially on blogs is up and represents over the last day 25% of the site's traffic.

This is a huge traffic boost as the blogs were in the area of 10% of site's traffic before.

So, let's test these therories further.

By the way, I cross linked to SEO pages exactly the way I did with blog poast and so far on extra4 pages there is little change.

On x7 pages, with the same strategy, traffic went up though

It's either search engines like more blog content or they recognize that page is older or they treat whatever page in the exact same way as long as it has these referall links pointing to it.

I will test this further and identify if normal web pages can get this traffic boost in the same way as blog posts did...

Ok! That's it for now - back to testing this further...



another question rises!

does it matter how many links or referral cross linking links are directed to just one blog in a short period of time?

For instance with the main blog, I had links posted to all blogs every day I have been active for the last 3 weeks.

This is what did build the traffic to what it is now.

Now, with this blog 3 strategies, I will see what happens if I do exactly the same process with this blog bu instead of spreading these cross links over 3 weeks, I do that in a short perdiod of time... What would happen then? Does it matter? What is the impact on the traffic to that blog???

Let's see....


I want to say again how essential this crosslinking strategy is!!!

without it there would only be a very slight increase in traffic

The blogs that don't get this cross linking boost don't score too high - they get some traffic but it is very limited!

It is in the range of what SEO pages + satellite sites have been getting which in the range of 20-200 visitors/month.

That's not much does hardly justify the efforts.

With these new cross linking strategies, we rise to a totally different dimension.

We are talking about 3000 visitors/month as a potential which is 10x more in results and the promotional work to reach that is almost the same in both cases.

Optimized pages - posted - this is it.

with cross linking, I ad just one little final step which sends a clear message out and EVERYTHING changes.

It is like broadcasting and announcing a new page to an audience which is suddenly 20x the size.

Yes! It is THAT powerful.

let's see if this strategy can be confirmed over the next few days - If it is, this could be a massive essential step

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