Tuesday, June 2, 2009

DEMONSTRATE YOUR EXPERTISE - Video critics - breakup for men - VIDEOS

I want to take a minute to analyse how I feel when I see my vids online.

First, their quality is ok.

They are not perfect but do ge the message through.

I have 4 key vids on break up that I recorded especially for promotional purposes.

They are edited with transiftions, success stories, transitions, etc

Two of them have music.

All 4 vids are high energy and do work.

The key element that convinces me in these vids are not the testimonials or the music or the transition or the fancy editing...

The factor that matters the most is the fact that I reveal something that guys don't know about breakups.

In other terms, I demonstrate my top expertise in that field.

I have a 5 min video window to do that.

I write this as a reminder for future videos, remember that THE element that matters the most is the fact that you can demonstrate within 5 min that you have top expertise in that field and that you know something or have experience they don't.

That's what guys measure!

That's how they decide if they want to buy something from you or not.

Do you have somthing they need and can't get anywhere else.

That's how I actually looked at these vids to select the one that was the most appropriate to use more in the promotional blogs.

The answer was really clear:

Demonstrate you expertise!

That's what absolutely needs to be remembered when recording future videos.

Everything else in the vid is "supportive" to that goal: demonstrate my expertise.

It is by far what matters most.

What about high energy or energy content?

Well enthusiasm is good but enthusiams or energy by itself is not enough. It is not convincing enough.

This demonstration of my expertise is really what matters most!

I write this post to make a note of it for future vids


What about features and technicalitioes about the product?

Well, that like saying you need to buy a book because of the type of paper is printed on!

Nobody cares!

Ok, that's not 100% true.

Knowing that you can access ebook, videos, audios, etc is something to quickly mention but it is NOT the core of your message!

So, don't dwell on it!

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