Friday, June 5, 2009


Some time ago, I sent a quetion to those who bought the break up for men system.

I sent 2 vids.

The first one was raw exactly as recorded - no music - no editing

The second was edited with music and transitions.

I loved the second and was really proud of the editing work I did on it.

My question was simple:

which vid do you prefer.

the answer was pret clear:

60% prefered the raw version

40% prefered the edited version

I was really surprised but in a way, of course, it makes.

Here are the reasons that were invoked for prefering the raw version:
  • It is more real! More personal!
  • When I am hurting in a break up, not sure I want to hear some high energy techno music blasting through my ears.

In other terms, the raw version was connecting slightly better + was matching an energy level.

60/40 is not a big difference, I agree + It is still possible the the edited version attracts more sales when used in a commercial way.


To keep in mind for future vids

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