Sunday, June 7, 2009

Real content or ads? - BLOGGING SEO

In the past I did frequently create content and simply hoep that traffic to that content would build up.

In reality, this is rare.

All these "passive" traffic building ideas like:
  • hoping for referrals
  • hoping to score high in search engines without optimisation
  • hoping for returning visitors.

All these are simply wishful thinking!

Rellying on these does produce some very limited results but usually not enough.

It is forgeting that the net is a highly competitive environment.

Now, with this strategy and the SEO pages I worked on before, it is clear that SEO strategies do work and what I do actually create are targeted ads which are delivered to the audience who needs my products.

REAL CONTENT and ADS are two very different types of content.

Now, it is clear that there is a strong distinction between those two and if it is traffic you want to build it is optimized ad pages/posts you needs to create.


By the way, the ads I am talking about are more than just a link with a call for action

They often contain video, with solid real high energy content.

So, the ad is already a high quality tool to deliver a small part of the conent.

The intention though is still to:

  • score high inserach engines + build traffic
  • Promote a product

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