Wednesday, June 3, 2009

VIDEO + Test drive on new blog header - BLOGGING SEO

I launched a new design yesterday with basically just a title, headline, vid and instant test drive link on the side.

Here are some results:
  • from probably around 30 visits to the blog pages, test drives, NONE!
In the meantime, I had a few sales coming for the products.

Here is the thing with any call for action!

Trying to sell:
  • A free test drive
  • A free subscription
  • A $19 product
almost feel that they require the same time of energy and effort!

+ conversion rates for email subscriptions are very poor

People simply get LOTS of free bees online and very often, when there is a sales looking page, they assume that th free bee will be a sales e-book or page promoting a product.

Or they probably assume that because it's free it is poor quality.

I will keep testing this for a another day and check further results.

I like the clarity of the page + the fact that there are zero distractions on it!

No logo - No links except the call for action

Just one video - a few targeted bullet point lines of very specific headlines.

This is it!

I like it!

So far, I did observe an increase in time on the page - I have to see if this trend is confirmed.

The click through rate for the instant test drive though is so far very low.

So, this call for action can be shifted to another target
  • Direct to the product
  • Sign up now
  • Etc
I'll check this in the coming few days...

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