Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's the limiting factor now? - BLOGGING SEO

It is clear!

Traffic starts happening now + sales are steady.

So the strategies I applied so far do work.

With the new blog design, I will check results over the next few days.

So far, it looks like the average time on the page is now higher than before - This would mean that visitors stay longer because they do check the content.

Now, the present conversion system which is to lead visitors to a test drive is not effective.

It does not score!

So, the call for action could be different.

I am still looking for key idea on that one.

A direct and simple link to the sales page could be good enough but I somehow get the impression that there could be another type of call for action that could bring in much higher conversion rate.

Not sure... I need new ideas!



I realize that the sales page and test drive are still ok!


They have been working fine and still do exactly the way they are so these elements are not limiting factors.

It is possible that in the future I redo that sales page with a new concept, vids, design, test drive, etc.

But for the time being this page converts!

It really does!

Is it sill imperfect?


Can I do something about it?


Is THIS the limiting factor?

No! It's not

Let's focus on the true limiting factor instead which is how the blog posts truly convert

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