Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update - 3 months into the blogging SEO action - BLOGGING SEO

here are the results and actions after 3 months:
  • I focused on just one product at this stage - break up for men
  • Even though the posts were directed to 30+ blogs, only the main break up blog was actively promoted.
  • I posted mainly for 2 to 3 weeks with 30 min activity/day average - that's like 10 new optimized posts/day
  • this means that my level of activity on blogging SEO was a tiny fraction of the actions I took over the last 3 months
  • after this initial month of relatively high activity, I didn't really come back to blogging SEO much, only posted around 3 more series of 10 posts over the last month
  • Traffic on the main sales page is now up +25% at least - this increase over the last week could be now the result of all these keyword rich posts pointing to that page
  • sales are up as well for that specific page - it is hard to estimate but it could be up 25% at least - that would be logical of course.

These blogging SEO strategies do work!

There is still room for much more action and the only thing that stops me from engaging more into is the fact that I invest my time in other areas of my coaching practice like coaching sessions, updating the site, creating more content, etc.


On an energy level, there is something more subtle I need to share.

This is NOT some proven rational fact that one can measure. It is much more of an energy trend I observed over the years and it is important to put in perspective.

Overall, my sales and income over the last few years has been steady even though I took dozens of actions to either promote or enhance the quality fo my products.

Here is how it works:

when I promote a product with new blogging SEO tactics, suddenly I see a drop in traffic coming from adwords.

If I see an increase in sales with one product, it seems to reflect in a decrease in sales in another product.

This is not just a one time trend and example.

It is something I observed many, many times over the last few years and it has no rational factial exaplanation.

I have to look into energy trends to explain this.

It means that the overall sales volume + income + traffic + success on the site is linked to another element than marketing.

It is as if my coaching spirit, the sphere of whast I do had a ceratin "volume" or "potential" and this potential has been the same for the last few years.

Every time I take a promotional step that should result in increased sales or traffic, I see indead positive results but I see as well a decrease in another field.

This has been mostly the case but not always.

For instance, I did indead break through limits at many specific occasions.

The first one was the creation of the first targeted ebook which sold well.

After that, the audios and distribution channels were a core success as well.

The third success stage was the creation and posting of videos on video sites.

Each of these steps did lead to significant break throughs.

But for instance in the case of the vids, I did reach a threshold at around 3000 views/day on youtube for instance.

And this threshold didn't seems to get crossed even though I posted dozens of new targeted videos.

So, the conclusion is that breakthroughs were achieved either through use of a new distribution channel or through the intensification of a certain type of activity (like posting videos or blogging SEO)

what is the best way to handle this specific challenge?

here are some possibilities:

  • Intensify the exact same practice - simply perfect it do it better
  • Shift line of action and find new channels of expression
what you describe now is the fact that you did reach a cruising speed and there is little new acceleartion coming in.

what you did shift though are core activities.

for instance you now coach and post videos instead of offering free advice.

all these actions are a perfecting of your activity.

It is like having a house and property around it.

This space can only accomodate a ceratin number of people.

That's your energy space and this is EXACTLY what you are describing.

Your coaching energy space has a certain volume and right now, this volume is being maintained.

What is the next strategic step I can take?

Do I need to aim for expansion?

perfect what exists?

ad new channels of expression like live events for instance?

what is the answer???? I need help with that one...

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