Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How does a simple video sales page perform? - SALES PAGE

here are the results:

a simple sales page video with icon on the side + instant access link + much more content under the fold does convert poorly so far.

the results are not definite but here are some possible hints:

  • Not enough info about the product?
  • Motivational vid with music? does it work? does it make it too vague and unreal?
  • Call for action and sales elements missing? ( no money back guarantee - nothing about the formats - no test drive - etc)
  • Test drive is missing
  • Icon is not descriptive enough - the word "system" could mean anything - words like e-book, audios or video might work much better?
These are all possibles...


It seems that this page does not really grab the visitor

There is little selling done on the page and the presentation is very pure.

The questions though is:

does it convert? Apparently not too well

How many people click on the instant access link - SALES PAGE

VERY simple sales page

one logo - one title - one icon - one video - one instant access link

out of 100+ visits, 8 people clicked on the link.

That's less than 10% click conversion even though there is NO price mentioned - It might be free but visitors simply don't know.

A "buy now" icon gets much less clicks than that

visitors who click on the buy now icon are usually closer to make a purchase so the click conversion is this time around 4x what the sales conversion rate is - that's like 4% for that given page.

So here are the stats again:
  • instant access link with no price - 8%
  • buy now - price known - 4%
  • sales - 1%
Time on the page is 2min - so there is interest

Monday, January 25, 2010

a quick search for "how to get over your ex" - SALES PAGE

It's stunning!

This is one of my thousands of possible key phrases for the break up for men program.

Guess what!

When I search for this phrase on goggle, nothing interesting comes up!


The first thing which is interesting is that no adwords ads show up!!

No surprise as the price for adwords ads went through the roof.

For keywords like these, the price can be anywhere between $0.20 and $1.00 or even more!

pages or keywords that used to show dozens of ads now show only one isolated amazon ad with a generic ad that does not even direct to a specific product.

Is anybody still using adwords???

anyway... The thing which is stunning is that accessing a "product" on this topic does not come or show up.

There is nothing really interesting out there in the top results.

what you get is a few articles from articles sites or wiki like answers from people giving their own experience based advice.

These are tips - isolated tips.

Nothing more.

Remember that these pages used to show up to 20 ads in the right side bar.

Now, nothing comes up - Not a single ad for most searches.

other areas like tech, cell phones, lap tops, etc still show ads.

of course, these products are more like in the $200 and up range for contracts + it's barnding awareness for relatively big companies.

So, what's the conclusion?

That the advertising and promotional landscape has radically changed over the last 5 years.


So, here is the key message for all that.

You need to adapt.

In my case, I added many more strategies to my marketing tactics once I saw what was happening on adwords.

In other terms, you have to stay VERY flexible and keep on evolving FAST!

too corporate? not enough lively? - SALES PAGE

that's another page I just visited...

the greys, the formal look of the page.

all that creates some strange corporate impression.

not too friendly...

talk about your personal life - anectodes? - or get straight to the point - SALES PAGE

People know you ARE real.

That's no longer an issue.

What they need now is a solution and no longer you wasting time telling them how cool you are because you just came back from a trip to Japan...

Is this the way it works? really?

yes! unless the story you want to share is super cool...

nice graphics! - SALES PAGE

I am now at the place where the landing page needs to be at least not ugly.

designs don't need to be flashy but a very ugly page is a massive turn off.

Do better

a blog post as a sales page? - Doesn't work for me - SALES PAGE

here is one I saw recently.

there is a normal blog post with a link at the end.

Not loud enough sorry!

the page is packed with distractive elements and I lose myself trying to concentrate on the text.

It's pointless.

My estimation? only 20% conversions compared with a normal clear page.

Does not work for me!

strangely enough some sales pages don't look "messy" enough

have you ever entered a house where every object has been positioned with ultimate precision but these objects have little to no value?

that's the impression i often get on some web pages.

It looks like ultimate thought has been given to the type of font, the color of a logo, the shadings, etc.

Strangely enough, some of these pages have little to no life - No power!!!

perfect orderness ( i know it's not a word) of things kills life force and the magic of creation - this is why some paintings are so filled with energy while being so messy.

That's because energy is often messy!!!

I won't say more...

call for action above the fold or under the fold

will visitors see the add to cart icon when they arrive on the page or do they need to scroll down to see the icon and/or link?

commercial style or not? - SALES PAGE

two ways to go:
  • simple call for action link like "sign up" or "Instant access"
  • flashy "add to card" or "buy now" icon

What call for action works best? - SALES PAGE

  • First question: link, icon or button?
second big question what text?
  • add to cart
  • add to cart - $19
  • add to cart - $79
  • sign up now
  • sign up
  • sign up - $19
  • buy now
  • etc

possibles for simple sales page - Yes? No? - SALES PAGE

Right now, I decided to simplify the page to the absolute max.

Some option that could be revered if needed:
  • Test drive link
  • Call for actions texts like: "You will be enjoying total unlimited access to your power files in less than a minute" - "Included e-book, audios, videos and more!"
  • 5 key bullet point questions answered under the video
  • Make it obvious that there is more to check by bringing the next content up above the fold
  • More complex descriptive icon.
  • Instant access/Money back guarantee
  • Link the icon with the sign up page
  • Show price

simple sales page questions - SALES PAGE

  • one or two calls for action on simple sales video page? I can for instant repeat the call under the vid and to the site
  • Red flashy arrow pointing to the link to click on?
  • Link to click on? Icon? Button?
What works best?

sales pages mistakes - SALES PAGE

  • Too much text to read! No highlight - can't get a feeling of what a product or page is about in just one glimpse! I need a highlight, either an icon or a text that summarizes the content!
  • I want a buy now/subscribe here button on link obvious in the top of the page with price!!! I don't want to scroll down to find the price hidden somewhere!
  • too small icons or text - I can hardly read it!
  • long sales pages with too much detailed info - I don't want to read a book - I want to simply buy the product
  • Don't automatically start music when I arrive on the page
  • Content is too poor or vague
  • The page is far too packed and super confusing!
so, here is what would work for me:
  • A video
  • one icon for the product
  • a "buy here" or "subscribe here" link
  • Clear and VERY simple design
  • Showing Price? is this optional or not?
  • A clear headline is actually optional - But it might increase sales
  • link to success stories?
  • link to features?
  • link to content?

Having actually both call for action and navigation on the side bar to more products does not work well.

It needs to be simple to the max unless that's just another website or portal page.

If it is a sales page, you want to have just one call for action.

There is NOTHING ELSE to click on the page

That's what works best and simplifies the decision making to the max.


What about multiple products or multiple choices?

Well, that's the same story.

Having to make choices is confusing.

The choice visitors enegage into is: amongst all the possible steps they can take in front of the computer, it is your site they decided to visit.

So, for a sales page, it is time to SIMPLIFY their lives and give them and easy flow direction with just one way to go... This is it!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

How many visitors click on the test drive link? - SALES PAGE

estimations: 5%-10%

that could be not much actually...

It reinforces the fact again that one element like this one can ad in the range 5%-25% power to a sales page

Are all sales elements needed on a sales page? - SALES PAGE

People need info to make an educated purchase.

If they already got the info they need through other means, the sales page could be immensely simplified.

For instance, if they know me and we already established a trust relationship, they can buy with less elements on the page, simply because they trust me.

Now, a key question!

Is there a way to take all that away and totally step out of a selling page format.

For instance, simply show the landing page - show a sign up here link or icon - let visitors access the content.

This is it.

Is this possible?

What would that look like?

If the selling features are TOTALLY gone (except for the signup link) will visitors simply stop buying?

That's one to test!

Present sales pages elements - SALES PAGE

Right now, here are some of the features on many or all sales pages:
  • Appealing headline
  • Product icons
  • 1 or 2 Video intros
  • Audio success story or power kick
  • detailed description of content + questions answered
  • success stories
  • easy to find pay now buttons
  • detailed product features - e-book, audio formats - support - money back guarantee
  • Test drive
  • detailed description of every product component - what's in the e-book, what's in the audios, etc.
I have about 10 features here and it is reasonable to think that each ads a bit of credibility.

A simple way to look at it is to consider that each element ads 10% to the page's selling power.

So, while removing one of the elements might not be dramatic, it might still reduce the power of a sales page.

Links to ebook and audios support and "what's that" pages? yes? no? - SALES PAGE

problem, it creates more more click away from the page. anything that clicks the visitor away from the page is one more hurdle between the client and the sale.

Avoid it actually

Test drive? - SALES PAGE

That's some of the test drive key questions that still needs answering.
  • Is the present PDF test drive format a good format
  • Is there a test drive format which is more suitable
  • what happens if there is no test drive? what's the impact on sales?

Success stories? - SALES PAGE

Pages with or without success stories seem to perform equally.

It is simply one more element that can demonstrate expertise, but it does not seem to be a key element in the decision making.

It is just one more element that ads credibility.

Sales conversions for 2009 - What works - SALES PAGE

Does a single video sales page work?

the only sales page where I practiced that strategy does not show an increase but this is a page for a single 30 pages e-book with no test drive included

  • More complete products work better
Do more complex sales pages work better?

What works better is to develop credibility + demonstration of expertise + Obvious solutions!

It is these elements that make the sale!

It could very well be that a very convincing video achieves that same level of trust as a long sales page + generates the same type of conversion rates.

Overall, conversion rates between 1-2% are good.

So, in a way the sale pages do work and achieve what they are supposed to.

There is one exception: the cheating for women program.

It score much lower because???

The answer is because of the type of traffic hitting the page:

95% of the traffic to the cheating for women page is search.

The other programs get more:
  • Direct hits (that's people who typed the URL directly)
  • youtube traffic
  • referrals (in just one of the programs)
So, it looks like:
  • Direct/youtube traffic converts 2x-4x higher than search traffic.
This explains most of the differences in conversion rates between pages.

What about complete package versus just one e-book?
  • Complete package score probably 2x higher than a simple e-book
Complexity of the sales page?
  • There is no solid final indication that a long sales page scores higher than a short one
This is an essential fact to remember for now.

The low score at 1% conversion rate on cheating for men can be due to either:
  • Too short sales page
  • Too simple product (30 pages e-book only)
The traffic to this page is the most targeted traffic of all with 90% of traffic being direct or youtube.

This means that with a more complete product and/or complete sales letter, this product should score much higher - 2% conversion rate or more according to the results I got on the other programs.

I believe that 90% of the reason why this product does not score higher is because it is not a complete package, not because of the short sales letter.

This starts shifting a misconception from the past where I had the feeling that more complete packages were selling less that simpler ones (like just one e-book).

It seems now that this truth is reversed and a complete package is more appealing than just a 30 pages e-book.

It is logical of course but some past tests seemed to contradict this fact.

The record is now straight.


A few question remain open:
  • Present test drive format - Should the present PDF test drive be shifted to another form?
  • Sales page complexity and length - Should I shorten?
  • Sales page - Should I rearrange the way it is presented?

What is clear is that with conversion rates, 1%-2% this sales pages do work.



I forgot to check the dating for men results when I made this anlaysis.

Here are the results:

conversion rate is poor 0.3%

while the traffic is VERY targeted from youtube and direct.

The reason for this low score is because:
  • There is LOTS of competition on this topic (very different than break ups or jealousy that's for sure)
  • The second reason: the product is relatively vast
  • Third reason: dating can be seen as an entertainment topic - there is much less compelling urgency to get it.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do visitors prefecr clicking on an icon or link? - WEBSITE IMPACT - TIP

How many clicks to dating for women main page come from top icon on SEO pages?

Close to none!!!

In comparison, links to SPECIFIC video content get LOTS of clicks!!!

The icons on the side bar do not attract attention at all!!!

Why? A few reasons:
  • They are too vague (dating for women)
  • They are positioned on the right side bar which gets less eye focus
  • They are icons.
What does it say?

For the dating for women topic:

That the main dating page for women gets 200 clicks/month

The combined main navigation(gateway) pages (videos, e-books, audios, etc) get: 60 + 150 + 200 clicks/month

that's in the 400 clicks range...

In the meantime, the videos pages get 1500 views in the same period

The SEO pages get 400 + 1000 views in the same period again.

So, theese gateway pages are not the clicking triggers!!!

They are in every page and they are the top navigation + they have lots of icon links.

But... They get only a small fraction of the traffic even though, women should in theory get back to these main pages to access the video or audios list, they actually do it only a bit.

Instead they click directly in the central content that is directly offered to them.

These navigation patterns are in a way VERY logical.

They makes sense and must remain the key guiding elements when designing an attractive page.

Do visitors click on the side bar videos text links? - WEBSITE IMPACT - TIP

Videos side bars? needed or not?

When I check, most of the clicks to dating videos for women come from SEO pages.

It means that women google a question, find an optimized page on my site, click on the videos links they find on the page. (80% of traffic estimate)

They don't enter the site via a video page (5% of traffic estimate)

They don't enter the video page through a click on one of the other video pages (20% of traffic estimate)


Checking this further...

The links that get clicked are definitely the ones are on top of the list with women selecting the headline they are the most attracted to (of course!)

It is obvious as well that the links above the fold and especially the top 3 will get the most clicks and attention.

It could be that clicks come from either video side bar or central content.

It's probable that it is both.