Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do visitors click on the side bar videos text links? - WEBSITE IMPACT - TIP

Videos side bars? needed or not?

When I check, most of the clicks to dating videos for women come from SEO pages.

It means that women google a question, find an optimized page on my site, click on the videos links they find on the page. (80% of traffic estimate)

They don't enter the site via a video page (5% of traffic estimate)

They don't enter the video page through a click on one of the other video pages (20% of traffic estimate)


Checking this further...

The links that get clicked are definitely the ones are on top of the list with women selecting the headline they are the most attracted to (of course!)

It is obvious as well that the links above the fold and especially the top 3 will get the most clicks and attention.

It could be that clicks come from either video side bar or central content.

It's probable that it is both.

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