Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do visitors prefecr clicking on an icon or link? - WEBSITE IMPACT - TIP

How many clicks to dating for women main page come from top icon on SEO pages?

Close to none!!!

In comparison, links to SPECIFIC video content get LOTS of clicks!!!

The icons on the side bar do not attract attention at all!!!

Why? A few reasons:
  • They are too vague (dating for women)
  • They are positioned on the right side bar which gets less eye focus
  • They are icons.
What does it say?

For the dating for women topic:

That the main dating page for women gets 200 clicks/month

The combined main navigation(gateway) pages (videos, e-books, audios, etc) get: 60 + 150 + 200 clicks/month

that's in the 400 clicks range...

In the meantime, the videos pages get 1500 views in the same period

The SEO pages get 400 + 1000 views in the same period again.

So, theese gateway pages are not the clicking triggers!!!

They are in every page and they are the top navigation + they have lots of icon links.

But... They get only a small fraction of the traffic even though, women should in theory get back to these main pages to access the video or audios list, they actually do it only a bit.

Instead they click directly in the central content that is directly offered to them.

These navigation patterns are in a way VERY logical.

They makes sense and must remain the key guiding elements when designing an attractive page.

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