Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How many people click on the instant access link - SALES PAGE

VERY simple sales page

one logo - one title - one icon - one video - one instant access link

out of 100+ visits, 8 people clicked on the link.

That's less than 10% click conversion even though there is NO price mentioned - It might be free but visitors simply don't know.

A "buy now" icon gets much less clicks than that

visitors who click on the buy now icon are usually closer to make a purchase so the click conversion is this time around 4x what the sales conversion rate is - that's like 4% for that given page.

So here are the stats again:
  • instant access link with no price - 8%
  • buy now - price known - 4%
  • sales - 1%
Time on the page is 2min - so there is interest

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