Monday, January 25, 2010

a quick search for "how to get over your ex" - SALES PAGE

It's stunning!

This is one of my thousands of possible key phrases for the break up for men program.

Guess what!

When I search for this phrase on goggle, nothing interesting comes up!


The first thing which is interesting is that no adwords ads show up!!

No surprise as the price for adwords ads went through the roof.

For keywords like these, the price can be anywhere between $0.20 and $1.00 or even more!

pages or keywords that used to show dozens of ads now show only one isolated amazon ad with a generic ad that does not even direct to a specific product.

Is anybody still using adwords???

anyway... The thing which is stunning is that accessing a "product" on this topic does not come or show up.

There is nothing really interesting out there in the top results.

what you get is a few articles from articles sites or wiki like answers from people giving their own experience based advice.

These are tips - isolated tips.

Nothing more.

Remember that these pages used to show up to 20 ads in the right side bar.

Now, nothing comes up - Not a single ad for most searches.

other areas like tech, cell phones, lap tops, etc still show ads.

of course, these products are more like in the $200 and up range for contracts + it's barnding awareness for relatively big companies.

So, what's the conclusion?

That the advertising and promotional landscape has radically changed over the last 5 years.


So, here is the key message for all that.

You need to adapt.

In my case, I added many more strategies to my marketing tactics once I saw what was happening on adwords.

In other terms, you have to stay VERY flexible and keep on evolving FAST!

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