Saturday, February 27, 2010

Possible keyword on dating for men - TRAFFIC BUILDING

Some possible key phrases I just found back.

Might use them in the future for a campaign

Ask her number

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Reverse psychology - How I observe it in various aspects of what I do - WEBSITE STRATEGY

Here are some examples.

I redesign my youtube channel to make it more attractive - the number of daily subscribers drops rather than going up.

I advertise a new product on the site.

Visitors avoid it.

I just let it sit there without promoting it, more people buy it.

In these 8 years of experience online, I could give you dozens of examples where the audience's response is the EXACT opposite to what it "should" be.

I think this has to do with a simple human trait: usually, people don't like to be sold to.

When you enter a shop and everyone leaves you alone, you stay there and take your time.

A sales person shows up and asks you a simple question and you might run.

Why is that?

Because your space gets invaded and you feel that sales person's agenda.

It is power projected on you and this feel like pressure.

So, when you arrive on a website, with all sorts of flashing sales calls, you tend to leave because you can't relax.

In some cases and environments, that's not the way it works.

Especially in the filed of marketing and business, people expect and even enjoy that type of energy.

On my site, giving visitors all the space to relax and enjoy the content seems to usually work much better than blowing my sales horn.

Page views up 25% when setting up 80% of the content in free access - WEBSITE STRATEGY

This confirms what was observed earlier.

the number of visits is steady but visitors who are interested by the material stay on average longer on the site + check more pages.


The number of actual visits is steady though.

This means that on average visitors still have very little incentive to come back to the site.

It doesn't mean that the branding impact is not there, it simply mean that only a very small fraction of visitors will take follow up action and come back to the site.

Sales are up even though call for action and ads have been removed - WEBSITE STRATEGY

Here are some stunning results:

First, sales for the Access everything package are up!

That's the first stunning thing because Almost all calls for action have been removed from the site.

What you get is simply a short explanation on some of the sales pages that are left + you meet the login page when you try to access the vital couples, relationships, dating for men areas.

Now, I want to say this again:

80% of the calls for action have been removed since last week and sales are actually up.

So, here is what could be going on:
  • Visitors made a note of buying this material but waited for a few days - It means that what triggered their desire to buy what indeed the previous set up
  • Visitors might be turned off by the sales energy that was more present last week on the site and actually buy more when they are not asked to.
Another possible reason has to do with energy balance and energy flow concerning my own activity - This one would be called positive karma.

To be followed...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Visitors don't demand better websites - When they don't like something, they simply leave and never come back - WEBSITE STRATEGY

You need to wake up to this fact!

You might NEVER get feed back from your audience about what you are doing wrong.

Sometimes, you will get hints.

If a visitor did buy a product and what they get does not match what they expected, they might tell you.

However, simple visitors will not take the time to give you feed back on poor design, broken links or needed features.

You need to find out for yourself and TEST your website from a user's perspective + sit down with testers and see how they experience accessing your site.

If you have a website, it is YOUR job to do this testing rather than hoping that visitors will step in and tell you what to do.

Got that? If you care for the user's experience, this is ESSENTIAL!

Monday, February 22, 2010

What marketers are REALLY saying when they post everywhere ads that no one wants to see - USABILITY

They are saying:

"We don't care about the user experience!"

"We don't care about whether you enjoy this site or not!"

"The only thing that concerns us is that we want to make a few bucks and we will mess up with YOUR online experience as long as we make some profit from it!"

Some sites are so literally packed with ads (especially adsense ads) that it's a real pain to find ANY information on them.

It's really funny in a way because Google does provide the ads (with adsense) that clutter now all these websites while they do now create very slick and clear pages which are a pleasure to use!

So... If you have to choose for a strategic way to go next, think of the user experience!


It is what matters MOST!

Two design directions for sales pages - SALES PAGE

Right now, I am still testing the two design options for the main sales pages.

The first one is the one I used for the last 2 years and is a alignment of different icons for the different aspects of the program.

It worked great but I had the feeling lately that i could clarify these pages by creating just on icon.

That's what I did in this second design type.

I created one icon with descriptive parts and more nuanced shades.

So far,

none is performing better than the other.

I even get a slight impression that visitors prefer the first design.

It's less commercial and almost clearer because the various aspects of the program are clearly outlined.

So for now, I might still test this new design for a few days but could shift back to the old one soon.

That's unless there is a sudden rush of fresh sales triggered by it.

the icons for this second design are more complex to create + break the continuity that has been achieved so far all over the site with just one icon type.

So, shifting back to the coherent first design seems the natural way to go.

Honestly, the new design looks much slicker in a way.

The overall look of the page is nicer but of course, the usability is what matters most by far!

I can as well go back to the first concept and clean it a bit. That's probably the way to go.

Max simplicity in the design - USABILITY

In the last couple of months, this has been the new main design trend I inspired myself with.


because I just got an iPhone a few months ago and while using it, I realized how convenient and fun it is to use a tool when there are no distractions, nothing flashing on the screen, no call for actions, etc.

Simplicity creates space and gives the user a refreshing experience.

How does that translate on my site?

I removed all distractions.

Anything that is not content is gone.

Before, I would have 3 solid columns + navigation bars on top.

Now, all I have left is navigation + content!

This is it!

I like it and I believe this is DEFINITELY the way to go.

People are tired of cluttered pages where they can't find what they are looking for.

Look at the way google designs its content pages.

They are super simple!

People come back.

When you check movies or look for a word's definition, what you see is ONLY what you need in a SUPER easy to use interface.

That's what I want and they did hit it spot on!

It works!

That's EXACTLY the spirit in which I redesigned the site.

My goal is to refresh the user's experience and make it easy and super frictionless.

Now, it is very easy to slip away from this idea by adding more stuff to page that the user does not really need.

SIMPLICITY is the way to go!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How much does a visit to the site cost me when I advertise it? - WEBSITE STRATEGY

Right now, the price tag is around $0.10.

That's for the ads on adwords and yahoo.

So, if I get 300 extra page views/day just because more content is free, that's the equivalent of $30 advertising or $900/month.

So, to compensate for that "loss in traffic" if I was restricting access to these pages, I would have to make an extra $900 from sales.

I don't.

If the access everything membership was strongly enforced, right now, I might make 2-5 extra access everything sales/month.

Checking this out is just a game, I know...

Still, it is another way of looking at it...

After 6 days of testing the new reinforced "access everything" system, back to free access for 80% of the content - WEBSITE STRATEGY

Yes, just did it.

Here are the main reasons:

First sales don't come through the way they should if the system was working.

My estimation is that there could be a $200 increase in sales/month but not even sure.

Right now, 99.9% of those who access the sign up page simply leave + it feels much better to allow the access to these files.


Yes, it can be seen as a strategic move as well as a feel good move!

The thing is that if facebook or twitter for instance had put a price tag to using their site, they would never have taken off! Never!

I already discussed this in depth in a few other posts, so won't go in detail here as to why this move is strategically correct.

There are more energy reasons here concerning as well the values I work with + the sources of inspiration that stimulate the site and the creation of this content.

It has nothing to do with sales here, rather balance of energies and what I feel is right.

So, this week's experiment was very fruitful and I would never have got the information and impressions I got if I didn't try it out.

The thing which is important about this choice is as well that in terms of visits to the site, there is no big change - what might change is the number of page views (in the 20% increase). Visits could increase by 5% maybe.

The 4 main programs concerned by this change are:
  • Wake up you power + mind content (except some e-books) - Maybe...
  • Dating for women
  • Stay fit + body content
  • Tantric sex
Whaou! that feels goooooooooooooooooood!

Love it! Love the feeling! thanks!

Auction model? - SALES PAGE

Another option:

5 copies of this material today to the highest bets!

That's the Ebay model...

Doors to the program open when a certain donation amount is reached - SALES PAGE

That's another sales page model that I never saw tried online:

"Access to the program opens up for everyone as soon as a certain donation amount is reached"

This could be:
  • $19 for 24 hours
  • $79 for a week
  • $199 for a month
For instance.

I could as well keep the doors open to the program if at least $19 is chipped in every day.

You donate, there is access for everyone.

You don't donate, doors shut down and no one accesses the program.

The advantage with that one is that for one or a few persons who pay, everyone gets to play.

It's a fun idea that ads an element of challenge and playfulness + you never know when the doors will be open or not which ads an element of urgency in accessing the material.

Honestly, that's a brand new concept and I never saw any site or product playing it.

Here are some more possible incentives:
  • If you donate now $5 or more, you get instant unlimited access to the totality of the site for life - The doors won't ever be closed for you again.
  • By the way, this is an experiment - The price tag could shift back to $79 any time if there is no response from the audience.
When doors are open, a welcome message could say:

Thanks for your generosity! The doors to this program will now stay open until February 27.

If you want them to stay open donate now.

$19 donations = Open for an extra 24 hours
$79 donations = Open for an extra 7 days

Donations from each one of you cumulate! This means that when the required amount is reached EVERY single visitor to this page gains access and gets to play, not just you.

If for instance you donate $15 and someone else donates $9, this is it! the daily threshold is reached and doors open for everyone for 24 hours!

If you donate $5 or more you gain instant unlimited access to the TOTALITY of the site for life!

(you receive your own unique login and password)


Somehow, this is a VERY thrilling idea

what do people really want when they land on my page? - SALES PAGE

here are some ideas...

They want instant access to the material for free

that's the top thing they want to get.

That's the first access to the site.

That's the first contact with that energy.

99% of visitors will leave because they are being sold something.

It is that simple.

Would visitors stay on the page and come back if this material was for free?

The thing is that's not even sure!!!

That's the problem and the challenge!

Because it's free and is accessible to everyone, does the product loses its perceived value?


There is another element as well:

It is the challenge!

If there is no challenge, if it is too easy, people tend to lose interest as well.

So, all these are suppositions and it is hard to know what would happen unless I try it out.

Here are my estimations:

I believe that 90% of men would not access the material even if it was for free.

Even if only 10% go ahead and grab something, that's still an increase of 1000% compared with the present conversion rates.

Even to offer something for free, this still requires some for of promotional offer???

Well, what about removing ALL selling elements and simply letting visitors decide.

That's the moment when the pressure on myself is TOTALLY released because there is no more wrestling.

There is no more selling.

And yes! That's a solid option as well.

It could be THE factor that radically shifts the place of this material in visitor's minds.

The missing element! - Urgency! - Urgent call for action - SALES PAGE

In the new sales page design, that's the element which is still strongly missing.

Right now, there is nothing that forces visitors to take action now or gives them incentives not to wait.

There is of course the small line in the buy now area but that's a small element that probably 95% of visitors will miss.

So, a call for action, an element of urgency needs to be set up in the visible area straight away.

I believe that this specific urgency element could double conversions.

This element needs to be real.

What is it?

Friday, February 19, 2010

What visitors REALLY get from my site - WEBSITE STRATEGY

It is actually life strategies!

They get life strategies to tackle specific challenges they are facing right now.

They don't connect with a community.

They get key information that they would not get somewhere else.

So, these strategies are what is unique to the site and this is EXACTLY what gives it value.

Of course, some social features could be added but see clearly the way things are.

On top of that, visitor access my content on MY site only in around 10-20% of the cases.

The site is NOT the major line of access to my content!

The big ones are:
  • youtube - 2500 views/day
  • Other video site - 1500 views/day
  • Itunes - 2000 downloads/day
  • 1200 pages/day
You see the numbers, right? These are estimations but the site accounts for around 10-20% of the overall traffic.

There is 1000x more comments on my youtube channel than there is on my blogs.

The point is that there is a natural balance taking place and rather than trying to force that balance to something the site is not is like really going against an existing current.

visitors come back to the site to get resources + to connect with me for those who take coaching.

But still 99% of those who visit the site are here for resources.

Out of those 99%:
  • 80% are accessing free content or sales pages
  • 20% bought something or are members and come back to access their content.
This subtle balance is unique to my site.

Other sites might function in a similar way but what matters is that this subtle balance will be different depending on what site you are in.

The key is to identify EXACTLY what visitors get from you that they don't get somewhere else.

What makes your site unique and strengthen those aspects rather than trying to fight a battle against giants for qualities or features that you don't provide anyway.

Is there any point competing with facebook for social features? - WEBSITE STRATEGIES

just kidding - Of course, I can't compete!

here is a thought that goes much further.

When people are online, they have a few choices to go to what they want the most right now.

At this stage a few sites get most of the online attention.

  • Google for search
  • facebook for social
  • youtube for online video/entertainment
now, what does that mean?

That I am grabbing visitors attention for other reasons.

Social features is NOT the reason why people will come back.

They are already engaged in communities activities in key other portals.

what they do get from my site is something else... Something that is of high value to them

3 days into the new break up for men design - No major changes - SALES PAGE

I just launched this new design about 3 days ago and at this stage, not major change seems to happen with sales.

Of course, to measure a real trend, I would have to look at a whole month stats, not just a few days.

However, this is already an indication that maybe, this new design does NOT impact on a visitor the way it could.

There are many possible reasons for that.

The first one is the fact that the page looks much more like a mature and well established sales/ad page.

It looks professional.

What people might see as well is that there is a solid marketing and sales structure behind it which trigger the usual sales turn offs.

If it is too clean, too well designed, it actually can trigger the opposite reaction to what one wants.

Why? Because it's not raw and direct enough.

That was the issue we covered earlier.

In other terms, when a visitor sees the new sales page design, it might trigger in him the "sales" mood.

And this sales mood created instant resistance to the message that is given.

Sometimes, the higher the number of sales elements, the more this resistance to these sales elements might increase.

The visual quality of the sales page I present now has gone from 70% to 90%.

The present page looks REALLY good.

Again, because it looks so good, it might trigger the "corporate" reaction rather than the connecting reaction, like "Here is a guy who understands me... I can connect with him"

We are talking about fine tuning sales elements here.

And yes, I believe that one way or another, this can influence conversions by an extra 20% or more in a positive or negative way.

The thing is that right now, I don't really know for sure which direction it goes.

These are wild guesses. I still don't know the final answer to the questions I am asking here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fancy concepts are not enough - You need a drive! - You need a demand! - WEBSITE STRATEGY

We see that all the time online, right?

Super cool slick messages in perfectly deigned websites where every word is measured.

Everything is right except one thing: it's so perfect, it is almost lifeless!

isn't that strange???

Why would be that type of perfection create a full drawn attention?

because life is chaotic too! your human expression can be messy! and if it appears too perfect, it is like removing its human factor!

No one wants artificial any more!

Everyone wants REAL!

Give it to me raw!

That's what 80% of my visitors said when I asked them what video version they preferred best, the edited one with music or the raw one?

yes! Give it to me RAW!

That's the message I keep hearing in my mind!

something I just came across... - What visitors REALLY want - USABILITY

As we keep telling our clients, the web isn’t about seeing neat stuff, it’s about doing neat stuff. How the web functions is just as important as how it looks – in fact, it’s practically the same thing.

You (corporate maven or maverick) know this yourself. When you go to a website, how fast do you trip over yourself to ‘Skip Intro’ or to get to the search function so you can bypass all the marketing garbage and find what you came for? The best sites aren’t trying to sell you what they want to sell, they’re offering you a path to the information you need. Usability means your website, your online store and your social media are, in fact, usable, and not just pretty pictures of the products you were fond of developing and the marketing-speak and giant logos that are so attractive to your boss (and only your boss).

We run into this situation all the time (especially with our law firm clients – thank you, legal types, for the case study fodder). Nobody wants to read about a judge’s ruling in legal jargon unless they are a lawyer. We also don’t want to read your 17,000-word product guide in 8-point font.

We want a new approach to the web that recognises conventions but steps things up a little. We want to be able to use the stuff you’ve spent thousands of your hard-earned dollars developing. We want fun, but most of all we want you to get to the point.

Elements that could radically shift the impact of the site - WEBSITE STRATEGIES

Here are some elements which haven't been implemented yet that could radically increase the impact of the site:

  • Social features on the site like an attractive forum - 10%
  • New refreshing attractive design - 50%
  • High quality videos with new more solid content - 50% (long shot)
  • Limit access to members only - 50% (this one is the one I am testing right now - It might trigger an income increase while keeping visits to the site steady)
  • Opening the site to 100% free access and remove all selling elements - 50% (this one would probably see a significant page views increase of around 50% while visits might be steady.
  • New unlimited coaching package - This won't change the impact of the site but more my relationship with my clients.
  • New energy and inspiration in my activity that would ad something I still can't see - 100% (what would that be?...)

Here are some elements that won't change the impact that the site has right now - WEBSITE STRATEGIES

Here is what won't change my impact:
  • having one more e-book
  • having more articles
  • having more zip files
  • having more audios
  • having more videos
  • having one more business area
  • etc.
The amount of material is ALREADY vast and adding more to it won't change the impact of the site.

Right now, the traffic on the site can navigate between 400-700 visits/day.
Page views can vary between 1000-3000 pages/day.
Audios 45000-60000 downloads/month.

3 days into testing the new "members only" model - Here are the traffic stats - BUSINESS MODEL

It has been now 4 days since I launched this new system.

Again, what I did is mainly restrict access to 90% of the site unless you are registered and bought the access everything package.

What is stunning is that visits to the site is very similar to what it was before.

There might be a 20-40% decrease in page views - Difficult to say exactly how much because the period is too short.

What is stunning though is the number of visits are steady even though all this material is now restricted.

In a way, this could have been predicted because as i said earlier, only 10% of visitors actually hit the restriction.

The other visitors simply access one of the sales pages like the break up one or access a free spiritual resource like the Sanskrit pages.

with a price tag at $19, is the perceived value of the break up for men system too low? - SALES PAGE

Right now, that's a key question!

In the past, when I tried to increase the price of this package to $79, the sales dropped to 25% of what they were before.

Result? Only 25% of people were still buying the product with that price tag.

The truth is that with all the vids, audios and extras, the price online for this type of package is usually more like in the $50-$200 range.

So it is very much possible that with the new design + features, I might kill the credibility of the solidity of this material by pricing it too low.

That's another key decision I must make or element I need an answer for in the next few days.

Images on the sales page - Yes? No? - SALES PAGE

Right now, I still have two white side columns on the break up for men sales page.

This space could stay as it is or I could ad success stories snippets or images from happy empowered guys.

Not sure... What do you think?

Does it really ad value to the sales page and increases conversions or is it useless?

Update on social sites icons on the site - youtube subscriptions + friends request on facebook - SOCIAL SITES

Since I added the youtube/facebook and twitter icons to the site there is still VERY LITTLE change on subscribers or friends requests.

A couple of friends requests in this week and close to no change on the youtube subscriptions side with around 4 subscribers/day for the last 2 weeks.

The reason to keep them on the site is obviously not to massively increase numbers but simply to ad familiarity and connectivity for those who visit the site.

Is it actually worth it having them there?

Keep them or take them away?

"add to cart" or "buy now" links - Above or under the fold? - SALES PAGE

Another design question I need an answer for.

Right now, the "buy now" links are under the fold.

what's the best design for those?

What's the best placement?

More videos on the sales page or not? - SALES PAGE

Right now, I have just one small video and there is the possibility to ad more videos in the content under the fold.


Just added 5 videos as extra content in the sales page - why not just one?

because each video presets a different aspect of this program.

I feel like it ads freshness and energy to the page.

What is still missing in the sales pages? - SALES PAGE

Right now, I upgraded the design and the landing page for the break up program looks really good.

Instead of a set of icons, I have now just one icon which images which are more descriptive.

I will be testing this new design and see the impact on sales.

Very often marketers think that it's tricks in the presentation of a page that brings them success but I am 100% convinced that in fact visitors perceive the quality of the product straight away.

As long as the design is ok and presentation is clean, that's all what people want to see.

a design in which too much energy has been put might be a turn off.

What I want to see is not the softness of a design when I arrive on a page, it is the power of a product.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just launched yesterday the strengthened "Access everything" package - BUSINESS MODEL

here is what I did:
  • restricted now access to 90% of the content without signing up
  • coaching clients now get the package only when they get at least 4 sessions
  • The package is $79 life time.
  • there is an sales ad on every page.
  • when visitors try to access the content, they are directed to the login page where they can sign up of get more info.
new development today

  • I added as well a 30 day option for $19
so far, it's too short to see results.

I normally would have to wait for at least a week to measure results.


This is still part of testing the business model.

So far, I tried clearing the navigation and uplifting the design - clearer blogs and content presentation + consistency in the navigation.

This is the 70% free access option.

It worked - traffic to pages increased visibly - hard to say on a short few days but in just these few days, traffic increase to pages was 25-50% higher.


The new test has to do with restricting access to content to only members.


In terms of traffic, I expect a drop in page views or traffic of around 25%.

The reason why it is not more is because 80% of traffic is directed to either sales pages or SEO pages - these are still accessible.


Only around 10% of visitors actually tries to access the pages which are restricted.

Why? because:
  • 50% of traffic arrives on a sales page.
  • 25% accesses a free article or resource and don't click further.
  • 15% will access another page but not click though to the links.
What does that mean?

It means that this new strategy touches in fact only 10% of visitors.

90% of visitors actually see no change in their visit except for the ad showing on the right.


What about search engines?

Well of course, the protected content won't be indexed but so far, this traffic accounts only to maybe 5% of entries in the site.

So, this is why the overall impact on the site's traffic is not major.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

what fraction of people subscribe to videos on youtube - SOCIAL MEDIA

an average of 4 subscribers/day

for 2400 video views/day

That's 1 subscriber for 600 views and a stunning 0.16% conversion rate!

I know... That's not exactly a high, right?

Advertising my social media profiles on my site - Does it work? - SOCIAL MEDIA

I recently added logos to youtube, facebook and twitter on my site.

So far, there is little to no change in subscription numbers or friends requests.

Right now, I get around 120 new subscribers/month on youtube.

Since I started this new strategy on the site, I still see around 40 subscribers in these first 10 days.

that's of course a short period but it is symbolical because there is no visible radical change in the signup numbers.

These icons might ad a little credibility factor because people are familiar with them and they see me active in these social networks. It gives a bit of comforting feeling to see actually seem and know that you can connect if you want to.

Same story on facebook. No increase in friends requests.

All that is to be expected of course.

When people access my site, they look for answers and solid content on the spot.

Navigating all the way to a new site is an energy shift and most people don't take it.

It is that simple.

My estimation right now is that for 100 people accessing my site, there could be around 1-5% checking these profiles and 1-5% of those will subscribe or connect on these social networks.

So, if 500 visitors come to my site today, only 1 or 2 subscribers on these channels/day would already be a good result.

That's NOT a type of conversion that is worth focusing on.

It is 100 times better to get people to stay on the site and do stuff in there that is useful for them.

That's THE big conclusion.

If I want more subscribers on youtube or facebook friends, the best is to offer higher quality vids with more targeted and attractive content DIRECTLY on youtube.

Now, of course, having these 3 icons to these social media sites present on my pages does not hurt. As I said, it might ad a touch of comfort and credibility.

At least, now it is clearer.

By the way, keep in mind that these social sites icons are present on almost all my pages all over the site.

So, they are being viewed by at least 500 people/day!

Why not more subscribers on youtube? - SOCIAL MEDIA

at around 3000 subscribers, that's not bad, but I can see that these numbers could actually be much higher if:
  • Quality of the video was higher - less overexposed - better presentation on my side
  • Topics covered were more sexy and dating specific
  • less advertising on my vids - Around 20% of my content is geared for advertising which could already be too much of a turn off for viewers.

Free videos on youtube - Do they attract sales on the site? - What is the click through rate coming actually on the site? - SOCIAL MEDIA

Honestly, it is not much.

On social media sites, people are engaged with whatever happens there.

They want to stay on the site and whatever sounds like an ad for some product might get some attention but it is minimal.

So, what is the actual conversion rate?

Here is a number:

Youtube sends less than a 1000 visitors/month to the site.

with around 75'000 videos views/month, this represents a 1-2% conversion rate.

In this case, conversion means people accessing the site, not buying anything.

Last time I checked, sales coming from youtube represented around 5% of sales.

Now, I believe that there is more direct traffic coming from these sites which is not tracked through stats.

This is direct traffic with people typing the URL directly in their browser and not clicking on a link.

They do that because they hear me spelling the URL for them or they see it on a video.

That type of traffic accounts for 50% of the sales and this traffic is simply not being tracked clearly, so I can't be 100% sure were it comes from.
It could come from other video sites, my podcasts or other sources as well.

The point is that yes, presenting videos in these sites and marketing them that way does work.

The limiting factor might be that because there is selling happening on my channel, less people might subscribe.

I think that's a reality.

I see that people who market products online don't get many subscribers.

It is those who freely give entertainment who attract many more people.

Gateway pages not used much - Strange - USABILITY

This is something stunning because I would actually expect the exact opposite.

The ebooks, videos, audios and articles pages where all products are listed don't get much traffic.

This is very strange because I would have expected people to come back to them to check products but they don't.


If a shop like structure was created in these pages, this would not change much to the site's results because not much traffic arrives on these pages anyway.

It is the same with the "access everything" sales page which gets less than 100 hits/month.

All together, all these pages get less than 500 hits/month which is not enough to generate sales.

in comparison, the single products sales pages for jealousy, breakups and cheating get probably 5000-10000 hits/month which is enough to generate the type of sales which come in now.

So, maybe the access everything package is attractive but to make it work it needs at least:
  • Much more traffic to that page
  • Coherence on the site
  • Clear and urgent call for action

2 months into the new navigation model - "Access everything" sign ups? down? long term trend? - SALES PAGE

At this stage, it is still too early to tell if it really doesn't work because the 1 to 2 month period is too short to tell.

However, sales are down so far.

Which means that at least that new navigation model does not increase sales.

What's that model?

Let people land on sign up page when they try to hit a resource in the protected area.

This replaces the sales page oriented structure and simply create a sites which can be navigated in an easy way but where certain areas are restricted.

Here are some features + issues:
  • The sales calls on the site have been removed which cleans up the design and relaxes the eye. That's a massive +++
  • The sales pages have been replaced by a simple standard page with navigation.
  • About 70% of the site's content is still in free access = Lack of coherence with the offer. I ask visitors to pay for something they get at 70% for free already.
  • Visitors can buy the same package for $29 when they take even a 15 min coaching session = again lack of coherence.
  • Lack of clarity for the user!
I will say more about that one:

I get the feeling that for a user, you have two types of pages:
  • The ones that sell something
  • The ones that offer you something for free directly without any preliminary step.
Right now, the new navigation structure presents pages which look like everything is free.

Then, the visitor might hit the sign up page to actually access the link they clicked on.

So, this could create confusion and maybe irritation because what seemed free is actually not.

Along the same line, those who look for quality content might see this content as lacking quality because everything appears to be free and the traditional selling elements are missing.

So, a few things can be done now:
  • Offer everything for free - No restrictions.
  • Go back to the previous model - sales calls on every page.
  • Create more individual products rather than a single access everything product.
  • Strengthen the "access everything" package but MAKE IT COHERENT with 90-100% of the content under this package and very little to nothing free + stop giving it away for $29 through the coaching back door.
  • Create a shop structure with "ad to cart", "Price" "More info", etc for each product or icon.
These are all VERY DIFFERENT business models.

Which direction to go? We will find that out soon!


New business model for the site? - BUSINESS MODEL

Right now, still exploring the possibility of radically shifting my business model.

The new option would be:

Everything on the site in free access without any limitation or hurdle or sign up process.

A new coaching offer could be added which would be unlimited coaching with recurring payment for $199/month as introductory offer that could go up to $299 at a later stage.

The idea is that if many more people see the programs, more people will sign up for coaching and that could in fact increase the success and impact of the site.

Limiting factors for that one right now?
  • Perceived value when materials are for free?
  • Will it work?
  • What about letting go of that passive income source?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sudden page views increase - USABILITY

I improved the design on the site lately and there was an immediate increase of page views/user going from around 2 to more than 3.

that's an important and has been consistent for the last 4 days.

The change happened when making a couple blogs more appealing for the eye.

This sudden increase shows in the blogs but not only...

It seems to be touching the site overall and the answer as to why it happens could be:
  • More pleasant design
  • same navigation with all links to various areas - greater easiness to navigate
  • navigation on blogs much clearer.
It is hard to define the EXACT element that triggers that response but the response is very clear right there.

It says one thing though:

the content didn't change.

What did change is only the way things are presented.

It is not even a radical change: larger fonts in the navigation + consistency in that navigation.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why the product will help them - VIDEO

That's the last part of your vid intro:

What's in the vid
What they will get
Why this product will help them

Watch - Outcome - Help

What they will get... - VIDEO

that's what to say next - first what this video is about

second - what they will get

"In this video, I am going to show you why..." - VIDEO

How to start the video script.

If you open up with a pitch, they will get defensive even if they want to buy.

People love buying but they don't like being sold to


8-15 seconds to get a viewer's attention - VIDEO

That's it!

simple steps to create a script for your sale's page video - VIDEO

FAB technique:
  • Feature
  • Advantage
  • Benefit

Saturday, February 6, 2010

would 100% free access work on the site - BUSINESS MODEL

here are some ideas:

right now a few zones of the site are in free access:
  • Mind - wake up your power program
  • All spiritual topics
  • All dating for women topics
  • Forum topics
  • All news
In Do these areas generate traffic and get visitors to come back over and over again to check the resources? Not really - and all that IS in free access.

Let's imagine that the break up for men program was in free access - all traffic arriving to any break up page would access the resources DIRECTLY without any selling hurdle.

What would happen?

Here is an estimation:

traffic to these pages might increase 10x - instead of the 20000 page views/year there could be 200'000 page views per year.

This could then represent 25% of the traffic on the site.

In theory, the sign ups for coaching could be multiplied??? of course that's a possibility but pretty hard to estimate, somewhere between 2x - 10x more coaching sign ups.

That's a possibility but VERY hard to verify unless tested for a month to a year.

So, yes, it's a model that could work.

So, overall, here are some possible predictions is this was done:
  • Traffic to the site - double or more
  • Coaching sign ups - double or more
any prediction is only a very vague estimation because there is no way of knowing this exactly unless it is tested.

Everything for free? - Would this work? - Would visitors come back or would the perceived value collapse because of the free factor? - BUSINESS MODEL

That's a VERY core question right now because if needed, I am quite happy to shift any business model.

Let's take some examples:
  • Would craigslist have taken off if people needed to pay for surfing the ads or posting them?
  • What about facebook? what if it was based on a 3 months subscription model? would to work?
  • What about twitter, google and the dozens of tools we use online? would people pay for them or would they simply find another way of surfing and using the net?
  • How many times did you use forums online? Did you ever pay to be in a forum and get a question?

People expect to get if for free and literally, any of these tools would be a 100 to 10000 times less used if people were asked to pay for them

Let's make a quick check on dating sites:
  • plentyoffish: 5'000'000 unique visitors - alexa rank 335!
  • alexa rank 445
  • lavalife: alexa 13'000
  • eharmony: alexa 1300
  • friendfinder: alexa 6000 unique visitors 800'000
so, verdict is VERY clear!

I mean plentyoffish does not put major effort in advertising or barnding - the site has fun features but is not that easy to use but it's the highest ranking dating site.

So, the same site for a fee would probably be lost in the alexa 5000 area rather than where it is now.

visitors would be probably 100 times less especially because the site has very poor branding.

Now what about social networking sites?

They are ALL free, right?
  • Hi5 - alexa 54
  • facebook - 2
  • twitter - 12
  • youtube - 4
What about wikipedia? of course it's free! would people pay to use it? of course not - other online encyclopedias who tried to get people to subscribe for a fee fail miserably. I mean not 100% but they don't get the magnetic pull that wikipedia gets: rank: 6

The first commercial sites are amazon and ebay.

for a lot of these top players, the easiness and usability is key.

Youtube does not force a membership.

facebook does require it to be active on the site.

what is free and what is fee is a VERY subtle balance and has to do with what people are willing to pay to be on it.

When you check a site like, it could very well be that such site would be massively more popular (I MEAN MASSIVELY!!!) if it was in free access.

Possible business models for the site - BUSINESS MODEL

The present business model did work for years and still works.

The idea has been to offer some stuff for free, some for fee.

Right now around 60% is in free access.

The questions is:

Does this business model need to be maintained or is there another way to go that should be implemented now.

Here are possible options:
  • Everything for free - direct access - some visitors sign up for coaching
  • Everything for free - free membership sign up - some visitors sign up for coaching
  • Some stuff for free - some stuff for fee - coaching - THAT'S THE PRESENT MODEL
  • Everything for free - direct access - financed through ads
  • 90% for fee - shop structure - coaching
  • Access everything - membership - all content under one roof - $79
  • Access everything - membership - all content under one roof - $19
  • Access everything - membership - all content under one roof - $19/month? - 19/3months? - $79/year?
  • Power circle + Access everything - that's a more coaching/live oriented concept
These are all VERY different business models and I believe that there is just one that is "meant" to be for the site.

Some models won't work at all, some might be partially successful and one will definitely break through.

So, at this stage all these options are open

Marketing dilemma - BUSINESS MODEL

This is the dilemma:

all the energy that is put is selling, promoting and marketing could be put in developing and offering the actual product.

All the traffic building strategies, all the selling efforts, all that stuff that one business does to get people to buy their products could actually be invested in something totally different:

The actual delivery and creation of products and resources that directly help people.

When we talk about this, we enter in a radically different business model, right?

For instance for the site, if I remove the selling elements and simply offer everything for free except for my coaching services, that would make a radically different experience for those who access the site.

Now, would that work?

Is this a business model that is viable or not.

more in another post...