Thursday, February 11, 2010

2 months into the new navigation model - "Access everything" sign ups? down? long term trend? - SALES PAGE

At this stage, it is still too early to tell if it really doesn't work because the 1 to 2 month period is too short to tell.

However, sales are down so far.

Which means that at least that new navigation model does not increase sales.

What's that model?

Let people land on sign up page when they try to hit a resource in the protected area.

This replaces the sales page oriented structure and simply create a sites which can be navigated in an easy way but where certain areas are restricted.

Here are some features + issues:
  • The sales calls on the site have been removed which cleans up the design and relaxes the eye. That's a massive +++
  • The sales pages have been replaced by a simple standard page with navigation.
  • About 70% of the site's content is still in free access = Lack of coherence with the offer. I ask visitors to pay for something they get at 70% for free already.
  • Visitors can buy the same package for $29 when they take even a 15 min coaching session = again lack of coherence.
  • Lack of clarity for the user!
I will say more about that one:

I get the feeling that for a user, you have two types of pages:
  • The ones that sell something
  • The ones that offer you something for free directly without any preliminary step.
Right now, the new navigation structure presents pages which look like everything is free.

Then, the visitor might hit the sign up page to actually access the link they clicked on.

So, this could create confusion and maybe irritation because what seemed free is actually not.

Along the same line, those who look for quality content might see this content as lacking quality because everything appears to be free and the traditional selling elements are missing.

So, a few things can be done now:
  • Offer everything for free - No restrictions.
  • Go back to the previous model - sales calls on every page.
  • Create more individual products rather than a single access everything product.
  • Strengthen the "access everything" package but MAKE IT COHERENT with 90-100% of the content under this package and very little to nothing free + stop giving it away for $29 through the coaching back door.
  • Create a shop structure with "ad to cart", "Price" "More info", etc for each product or icon.
These are all VERY DIFFERENT business models.

Which direction to go? We will find that out soon!


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