Friday, February 19, 2010

3 days into the new break up for men design - No major changes - SALES PAGE

I just launched this new design about 3 days ago and at this stage, not major change seems to happen with sales.

Of course, to measure a real trend, I would have to look at a whole month stats, not just a few days.

However, this is already an indication that maybe, this new design does NOT impact on a visitor the way it could.

There are many possible reasons for that.

The first one is the fact that the page looks much more like a mature and well established sales/ad page.

It looks professional.

What people might see as well is that there is a solid marketing and sales structure behind it which trigger the usual sales turn offs.

If it is too clean, too well designed, it actually can trigger the opposite reaction to what one wants.

Why? Because it's not raw and direct enough.

That was the issue we covered earlier.

In other terms, when a visitor sees the new sales page design, it might trigger in him the "sales" mood.

And this sales mood created instant resistance to the message that is given.

Sometimes, the higher the number of sales elements, the more this resistance to these sales elements might increase.

The visual quality of the sales page I present now has gone from 70% to 90%.

The present page looks REALLY good.

Again, because it looks so good, it might trigger the "corporate" reaction rather than the connecting reaction, like "Here is a guy who understands me... I can connect with him"

We are talking about fine tuning sales elements here.

And yes, I believe that one way or another, this can influence conversions by an extra 20% or more in a positive or negative way.

The thing is that right now, I don't really know for sure which direction it goes.

These are wild guesses. I still don't know the final answer to the questions I am asking here.

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