Thursday, February 11, 2010

Advertising my social media profiles on my site - Does it work? - SOCIAL MEDIA

I recently added logos to youtube, facebook and twitter on my site.

So far, there is little to no change in subscription numbers or friends requests.

Right now, I get around 120 new subscribers/month on youtube.

Since I started this new strategy on the site, I still see around 40 subscribers in these first 10 days.

that's of course a short period but it is symbolical because there is no visible radical change in the signup numbers.

These icons might ad a little credibility factor because people are familiar with them and they see me active in these social networks. It gives a bit of comforting feeling to see actually seem and know that you can connect if you want to.

Same story on facebook. No increase in friends requests.

All that is to be expected of course.

When people access my site, they look for answers and solid content on the spot.

Navigating all the way to a new site is an energy shift and most people don't take it.

It is that simple.

My estimation right now is that for 100 people accessing my site, there could be around 1-5% checking these profiles and 1-5% of those will subscribe or connect on these social networks.

So, if 500 visitors come to my site today, only 1 or 2 subscribers on these channels/day would already be a good result.

That's NOT a type of conversion that is worth focusing on.

It is 100 times better to get people to stay on the site and do stuff in there that is useful for them.

That's THE big conclusion.

If I want more subscribers on youtube or facebook friends, the best is to offer higher quality vids with more targeted and attractive content DIRECTLY on youtube.

Now, of course, having these 3 icons to these social media sites present on my pages does not hurt. As I said, it might ad a touch of comfort and credibility.

At least, now it is clearer.

By the way, keep in mind that these social sites icons are present on almost all my pages all over the site.

So, they are being viewed by at least 500 people/day!

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