Thursday, February 18, 2010

Elements that could radically shift the impact of the site - WEBSITE STRATEGIES

Here are some elements which haven't been implemented yet that could radically increase the impact of the site:

  • Social features on the site like an attractive forum - 10%
  • New refreshing attractive design - 50%
  • High quality videos with new more solid content - 50% (long shot)
  • Limit access to members only - 50% (this one is the one I am testing right now - It might trigger an income increase while keeping visits to the site steady)
  • Opening the site to 100% free access and remove all selling elements - 50% (this one would probably see a significant page views increase of around 50% while visits might be steady.
  • New unlimited coaching package - This won't change the impact of the site but more my relationship with my clients.
  • New energy and inspiration in my activity that would ad something I still can't see - 100% (what would that be?...)

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