Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fancy concepts are not enough - You need a drive! - You need a demand! - WEBSITE STRATEGY

We see that all the time online, right?

Super cool slick messages in perfectly deigned websites where every word is measured.

Everything is right except one thing: it's so perfect, it is almost lifeless!

isn't that strange???

Why would be that type of perfection create a full drawn attention?

because life is chaotic too! your human expression can be messy! and if it appears too perfect, it is like removing its human factor!

No one wants artificial any more!

Everyone wants REAL!

Give it to me raw!

That's what 80% of my visitors said when I asked them what video version they preferred best, the edited one with music or the raw one?

yes! Give it to me RAW!

That's the message I keep hearing in my mind!

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