Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free videos on youtube - Do they attract sales on the site? - What is the click through rate coming actually on the site? - SOCIAL MEDIA

Honestly, it is not much.

On social media sites, people are engaged with whatever happens there.

They want to stay on the site and whatever sounds like an ad for some product might get some attention but it is minimal.

So, what is the actual conversion rate?

Here is a number:

Youtube sends less than a 1000 visitors/month to the site.

with around 75'000 videos views/month, this represents a 1-2% conversion rate.

In this case, conversion means people accessing the site, not buying anything.

Last time I checked, sales coming from youtube represented around 5% of sales.

Now, I believe that there is more direct traffic coming from these sites which is not tracked through stats.

This is direct traffic with people typing the URL directly in their browser and not clicking on a link.

They do that because they hear me spelling the URL for them or they see it on a video.

That type of traffic accounts for 50% of the sales and this traffic is simply not being tracked clearly, so I can't be 100% sure were it comes from.
It could come from other video sites, my podcasts or other sources as well.

The point is that yes, presenting videos in these sites and marketing them that way does work.

The limiting factor might be that because there is selling happening on my channel, less people might subscribe.

I think that's a reality.

I see that people who market products online don't get many subscribers.

It is those who freely give entertainment who attract many more people.

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