Monday, February 15, 2010

Just launched yesterday the strengthened "Access everything" package - BUSINESS MODEL

here is what I did:
  • restricted now access to 90% of the content without signing up
  • coaching clients now get the package only when they get at least 4 sessions
  • The package is $79 life time.
  • there is an sales ad on every page.
  • when visitors try to access the content, they are directed to the login page where they can sign up of get more info.
new development today

  • I added as well a 30 day option for $19
so far, it's too short to see results.

I normally would have to wait for at least a week to measure results.


This is still part of testing the business model.

So far, I tried clearing the navigation and uplifting the design - clearer blogs and content presentation + consistency in the navigation.

This is the 70% free access option.

It worked - traffic to pages increased visibly - hard to say on a short few days but in just these few days, traffic increase to pages was 25-50% higher.


The new test has to do with restricting access to content to only members.


In terms of traffic, I expect a drop in page views or traffic of around 25%.

The reason why it is not more is because 80% of traffic is directed to either sales pages or SEO pages - these are still accessible.


Only around 10% of visitors actually tries to access the pages which are restricted.

Why? because:
  • 50% of traffic arrives on a sales page.
  • 25% accesses a free article or resource and don't click further.
  • 15% will access another page but not click though to the links.
What does that mean?

It means that this new strategy touches in fact only 10% of visitors.

90% of visitors actually see no change in their visit except for the ad showing on the right.


What about search engines?

Well of course, the protected content won't be indexed but so far, this traffic accounts only to maybe 5% of entries in the site.

So, this is why the overall impact on the site's traffic is not major.


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