Thursday, February 18, 2010

something I just came across... - What visitors REALLY want - USABILITY

As we keep telling our clients, the web isn’t about seeing neat stuff, it’s about doing neat stuff. How the web functions is just as important as how it looks – in fact, it’s practically the same thing.

You (corporate maven or maverick) know this yourself. When you go to a website, how fast do you trip over yourself to ‘Skip Intro’ or to get to the search function so you can bypass all the marketing garbage and find what you came for? The best sites aren’t trying to sell you what they want to sell, they’re offering you a path to the information you need. Usability means your website, your online store and your social media are, in fact, usable, and not just pretty pictures of the products you were fond of developing and the marketing-speak and giant logos that are so attractive to your boss (and only your boss).

We run into this situation all the time (especially with our law firm clients – thank you, legal types, for the case study fodder). Nobody wants to read about a judge’s ruling in legal jargon unless they are a lawyer. We also don’t want to read your 17,000-word product guide in 8-point font.

We want a new approach to the web that recognises conventions but steps things up a little. We want to be able to use the stuff you’ve spent thousands of your hard-earned dollars developing. We want fun, but most of all we want you to get to the point.

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