Friday, February 19, 2010

What visitors REALLY get from my site - WEBSITE STRATEGY

It is actually life strategies!

They get life strategies to tackle specific challenges they are facing right now.

They don't connect with a community.

They get key information that they would not get somewhere else.

So, these strategies are what is unique to the site and this is EXACTLY what gives it value.

Of course, some social features could be added but see clearly the way things are.

On top of that, visitor access my content on MY site only in around 10-20% of the cases.

The site is NOT the major line of access to my content!

The big ones are:
  • youtube - 2500 views/day
  • Other video site - 1500 views/day
  • Itunes - 2000 downloads/day
  • 1200 pages/day
You see the numbers, right? These are estimations but the site accounts for around 10-20% of the overall traffic.

There is 1000x more comments on my youtube channel than there is on my blogs.

The point is that there is a natural balance taking place and rather than trying to force that balance to something the site is not is like really going against an existing current.

visitors come back to the site to get resources + to connect with me for those who take coaching.

But still 99% of those who visit the site are here for resources.

Out of those 99%:
  • 80% are accessing free content or sales pages
  • 20% bought something or are members and come back to access their content.
This subtle balance is unique to my site.

Other sites might function in a similar way but what matters is that this subtle balance will be different depending on what site you are in.

The key is to identify EXACTLY what visitors get from you that they don't get somewhere else.

What makes your site unique and strengthen those aspects rather than trying to fight a battle against giants for qualities or features that you don't provide anyway.

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