Saturday, February 6, 2010

would 100% free access work on the site - BUSINESS MODEL

here are some ideas:

right now a few zones of the site are in free access:
  • Mind - wake up your power program
  • All spiritual topics
  • All dating for women topics
  • Forum topics
  • All news
In Do these areas generate traffic and get visitors to come back over and over again to check the resources? Not really - and all that IS in free access.

Let's imagine that the break up for men program was in free access - all traffic arriving to any break up page would access the resources DIRECTLY without any selling hurdle.

What would happen?

Here is an estimation:

traffic to these pages might increase 10x - instead of the 20000 page views/year there could be 200'000 page views per year.

This could then represent 25% of the traffic on the site.

In theory, the sign ups for coaching could be multiplied??? of course that's a possibility but pretty hard to estimate, somewhere between 2x - 10x more coaching sign ups.

That's a possibility but VERY hard to verify unless tested for a month to a year.

So, yes, it's a model that could work.

So, overall, here are some possible predictions is this was done:
  • Traffic to the site - double or more
  • Coaching sign ups - double or more
any prediction is only a very vague estimation because there is no way of knowing this exactly unless it is tested.

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