Monday, March 29, 2010

Help me with that one, please! - DESIGN CHOICES


Wish life is good and exciting for you!

I am testing new designs on the site and REALLY need your feed back on that one!

Here are 4 layouts projects I am testing:
(Test only the landing page without navigating away from it - the links on these pages are not ready)


My questions are:





Simply hit the reply button and send me your RAW thoughts.

Feel free to share ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING that comes up! ;) - I want to hear what you have to say.

Thanks in advance! Appreciated!



PS: These pages might only be up for a couple of days as I will be updating the totality of the site this week.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Design upgrade - WEBSITE STRATEGY

Right now, the design is clean but it is clear that it is not professionally designed.

It's a feel.

Visitors feel it.

what would be the impact of using a professional designed template like a wordpress theme.

would that impact on traffic and visitors or not?

Well, here are some similar examples: the design of the break up for men sales page has greatly improved.

Impact on sales? None really or close to insignificant - to the most, it could be around 20%. But it is NOT a radical shift.

With the overall look and feel of the site, I can observe the same.

Even though the site's visual impact has deeply changed, I see no change in number of visits.

I do see though an increase in page views of around 25%.

That's an indication

Everything for free? what to expect - BUSINESS MODEL

I tested restricting the content a few weeks ago and the actual traffic on the site did not change that much.

this restricted access concerned dating for women, all the body/stay fit programs, and the mind/wake up your power resources, tantric sex.

here is what happened after I open that content for free:

while the number of page views has increased by around 25%, the number of visits is quite constant.

The conclusion?

the free content does not trigger much change in repeated visits.

A fraction of first time visitors will dive in the content extensively.

I will see some individual users check dozens of pages and stay on the site for long periods of time.

However, the average time on the site is not too different overall + as I said earlier, there is no significant change in the number of visits.

In a way, these results are quite stunning. I am quite surprised by them.

The reason why it is like that is again, because only around 10% of visitors will access the login page when content is restricted.

The other 90% of visitors either land on a sales page or still access some free content pages or leave the site without checking the content.

Everything for free? Is this the way to go? - BUSINESS MODEL

This is a possibility I discussed in the past and would be one of the deepest shifts in my online presence.

The possibility is to remove all protection on all files and offer 100% of the content for free.

The site would then rely on visitors signing up for extra coaching after that if they want to.

This business model is radically different then the one I have now.

Some profound changes in the publishing tools I am using now could technically push me to go that way and immensely simplify both my work and the user's experience.

On top of that, it would totally remove any sales like call for action (except for the coaching sign up page).

This means that 90% of the sales structure which is still present on the site would be gone.

In theory, this is a good plan if:
  • The word gets out, visitors come back, traffic increases
  • An even tiny fraction of those who use the content sign up for coaching.

3 days into testing the new call for action on break up for men pages - SALES PAGE

There is little to no response to that one.

It's either the call for action is not well structured or presented or visitors don't buy into it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Offer value without expectation of compensation - BUSINESS MODEL

Don’t give away a free chapter of your e-book, or a free trial of your e-course… Those things put the burden on THEM to prove to themselves that you’re worth buying from. It’s like giving them a job to do that has no compensation.

Instead of giving them WORK, just PROVE to them that you’re worth buying from by solving their pressing problems for them the very first time they meet you, AND ONLY ask for an opt-in in exchange

When you’re marketing, you’re either creating relationships or closing a sale. That's it - SALES PAGE

When you’re marketing, you’re either creating relationships or closing a sale. That’s it.

If you try to do BOTH, you end up giving the potential customer a parachute to jump out of your carefully crafted pitch, or you send them mixed messages because you now feel compelled to get them to join your list if they don’t buy

A confused mind says NO! - SALES PAGE

have one option and one option only on your landing pages!

Friday, March 5, 2010

New urgent call for action on break up for men sales page - SALES PAGE

Today, I implemented a new change that I will test for the next few days or weeks.

I added now a clear promotional offer set up with a solid call for action.

This is an extra commercial incentive that could stimulate visitors to take action faster.

Let's check it out

break up for men - last month results - SALES PAGES

There is a good increase of sales compared with the month before.

Around 30%.

This could still be due to natural variations though.

At this stage, I am not yet sure which sales page format works best:

the one that was there before - with lots of icons and text above the fold

or the new one with a much clearer design and just one big icon and side bar.

I added as well a whole series of videos to the page itself.

This means that now, the sales page itself contains 5 videos in normal format.

Home page - various design options - WEBSITE STRATEGIES

Even though 95% of visitors don't access the site through my home page, I still need to find the absolute best possible design with the right content displayed in the right way.

At this stage, I have a few possible options:
  • All icons side by side (That's the one I implemented for the last 6 weeks)
  • icons programs by topic - in line
  • all topics - text links - large fonts (not everything fits above the fold)
  • Selected best topics - text links - large fonts (so that everything fits on the page above the fold)
  • all topics - text links - tiny fonts (so that everything fits on the page above the fold)
I am testing these designs right now and try to feel in.