Monday, May 17, 2010

Youtube revenue sharing - BUSINESS MODEL

Right now, that's a possible avenue.

Let's check the possible income with that...

I have 1 video which is already on that mode for some time...

last month, earning for this one video were: $1.50


that's $4.50 for 3 months, right?

around 4000 video views.

So, roughly $1/1000 video views.

If all my videos were active, as I get around 2500 videos views on youtube, that would be 2.50/day

or $75/month

That's not much - It's the equivalent of selling one access everything membership on the site.

Conclusion? In terms of income, that's a dead end.

Not much to expect on that side.

One might argue that in a year, that could be $900 which is not bad in a way.

I agree, but the point is that this is a side limited income, not my main source of course.

We already knew that with adsense and this simply confirms.

In other terms, it's not worth the effort and the focus.

Especially considering the fact that you have zero control over the system itself which could shift anytime.

Conclusion? Not really worth it unless you have nothing else to do.

Remember as well that this means that ads are being displayed on side of your videos

Wordpress platform - WEBSITE STRATEGY

About 3 months into the testing and uploading content, the wordpress platform is ready to go...

The structure, plugins and design are all ready.

There is just one thing that is missing and this is the ability to effectively use amember on it.

This means that right now, whatever content I write on wordpress or blogger is in free access because I don't have the tools to protect this content with amember.

by the way, audios, videos and ebooks are STILL protected!

This concerns ONLY the articles.

That's maybe 50% ready and could work.

Another challenge is that right now, I use 4 major platforms to deliver the content:
  • Expression web - HTML pages
  • Blogger
  • PHPBB - forum
  • Wordpress - Almost ready not yet implemented
For now, wordpress is like a backup structure and content ready to go and be launched if needed.

Functioning with the 4 systems at the same time, becomes more complex. It's doable but the navigation needs to be coherent and well tested.

So, what stops me from shifting to wordpress?

here are a few things: the first one is that the ONLY reason right now to shift to wordpress would be to protect content - and in that case, it is the only thing that is not totally solid.

EVERYTHING else works fine with the the HTML/blogger combination.

It is fine so far.

Protecting or not big chunks of content is a key business choice - Until now, that's what I did.

In the next post, I'll check again the key possible business models...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to renew the break up for men program

This is a key question!

Here are a few options:

  • Keep sales page and program EXACTLY the way they are
  • Make small tweaks in sales page and program without significant changes
  • Give everything for free and aim for higher coaching sign ups - no sales page - direct access to the program.
  • More communication with the members of the program.
  • Ad a new feature: virtual community/power circle.
  • Aim for live events.
  • Create a new product/concept around this need.
Ideas? This is an open question...

New design on break up for men sales page - Not showing sales increase - SALES PAGE

After about 3 months of testing this new design, I see no significant sales increase and even a decrease.

Why would that be?

Because the original design even though it looks more "messy" is less commercial and traditional in its presentation.

I do myself prefer as well the old one and i just reversed it.

In the original design, I have different icons for different parts of the program, videos, audios, ebook, etc.

In the new design, I create just one complex icon with everything needed of it.

I think that the new design reflects a more marketing oriented sales page.

I feel that it triggers the objection reaction in visitors by reminding much more that they are in a sales environment.

This new sales page works to a certain extent and it is hard to get an exact picture of visitor's reaction.

It is clear though that it does NOT generate the sales increase that could have happened.

So, overall, I start realizing that changing the sales page is NOT what will renew this program, unless I tap into a whole new concept and design, maybe even hiring a pro do redo the full page.