Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Page views down 30% - Possible cause home page navigation - WEBSITE STRATEGY

In the last 2 months, I notice a solid drop in page views.

that's a progressive drop which started around first of May.

The only thing important i can think off that I shifted around that time is the navigation on the home page.

instead of listing all topics by categories, I changed it to a directory like structure only showing some of the topics.

with links to products and social icons on both sides.

Could this be the cause for that drop?

It seriously could.

At this stage, that's the only thing I can think off.

Solution would be to shift that back the way it was before which was my first choice anyway.

It means giving people the ability to see EVERYTHING there is on the home page.

The number of visits is more or less steady, what did drop is the number of page views.

Page views/visit went from 3 pages/visit to 2pages/visit.

This could mean that when all links are not in the home page visitors are 30% less likely to click on more links by curiosity.

I'll think about this overnight and might shift this back in the next few days... Need a solid clear answer before I do.

Normally, shifting this back should increase back the traffic over time.

I can see if it works


Here is how I interpret this in terms of traffic and navigation.

Probably 90% of those who access the site will spend less than a minute and check 1 to 5 pages

Now, the other 10% who afre the ones who really dig the content are the ones most likely to use the home page easy navigation.

It's these ones that I feel get confused when all links are NOT on the home page.

They will check the home page and don't have the time to figure out where the content is.

If it's not directly easily accessible from the home page, it will make their navigation more complicate + I feel they lose interest way faster.

This is how I explain this 30% page views drop.

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