Tuesday, June 29, 2010

simply directing visitors to the sign up page when they hit a protected area - does it work? - SELLING STRATEGY

Apparently this does not generate sales.

I tested this for a few months now because I wants to offer just one set of pages rather than sales pages + member pages.

What I did for many pages is remove the sales elements and protect the content that visitors access when they click on links.

These links are ebooks, articles, videos or audios.

Only a small fraction of those who access the site, maybe 5-10% of visitors will hit a protected area as most visitors simply surf through the free content.

This could represent anywhere between 2000-3000 people hitting the "sign up page" each month.

That's not much but results are clear.

This system does NOT sell.


i think it is simply confusing and annoying for visitors because in their mind, it's either free or fee.

When they access the content, it looks like free but then, realize it's not.

Again, this concerns only a small fraction of the content as 80% of what is available is in free access.

The possibilities are to:

  • keep things as they are
  • Offer more stuff for free
I'll simply keep it the way it is for now and use this system simply to keep on protecting the content.

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