Monday, November 29, 2010

Website! What's next?

it is clear that the website now is underused and under performing.

I do believe that way more can be done with the flow of traffic and visitors who do come my way and I need to find what THAT is.

I need a new idea, concept, success boost... Something that will radically change the way people respond when they visit it.

Many options... Many possibilities... I need some core ideas!

Unlimited coaching offers + other offers in the last 2 weeks - NOTE

First, it is the clear fact that this is a powerful success!

At the end, offering my list to make me an offer worked equally as asking them to sign up for a fixed plan.

When I ask them to make me an offer though, some people did not follow up on the offer they made and my positive reply... so the negotiation part is one more step that I had to master as well.

My close to defaults position was to say yes to almost anything that came my way...

But some of the offers stretch me a bit but are still a win-win.

So, so far these two new offers have been a total success.

One thing that is clear too is that there was no garnishing on my offers, no special icon, no fancy sales page with lost of details... It was easy, to the point, simple.

The sign up page is simplified to the extreme, etc.

This is a BIG learning experience because it does confirm something that I know and experienced before in many contexts.

People like it raw! They want it personal! They want it authentic!

what makes the difference is the quality of the offer, its conditions and the quality of the content.

By quality of the content I mean the quality of the information contained in it.

One simple word!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Write one more article? Or do something else with it? - NOTE

This morning I just got an insight about "obsessing in love".

More specifically, why a woman might sometimes obsess with a man.

That's the possible title for a topic:


I started writing an article about it and am wondering suddenly if there is something else I should do with it?

when checking other possibilities to transmit ideas on this topic, I realize that indeed, the formats I have been using in the past like videos, audios, ebooks or articles are indeed the most adapted and best suited for what I do!

Of course, new mediums could be added like tele classes, webcast, one on one targeted coaching and more...

These mediums don't exclude each other!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What about individual offers rather than mailings sent to everyone? - NOTE

In the unlimited coaching offer, I sent a message to my list (around 5000 addresses).

Then I took the time to send a message to a few selected clients or post a message to our skype chat window.

For all these individual messages, there was no response, not even a "Got that! Thanks".

Nothing, silence!


sending to the list: 80% success

individual personalized emails to selected clients: 0% success

See the difference?

New business model... Putting myself in my clients shoes - NOTE

here is what I feel...

Coaching stands next to other type of similar services:

  • Coaching
  • Financial advice/Accounting
  • Legal advice
  • Technical support/Computer/web design
  • Health/Nutrition/Fitness advice
So that's 5 areas that people will frequently need.

Now, accessing targeted help in any of these fields can fell challenging and overwhelming!

It's a big challenge + at $100-$300 /hour for some of these services, it can get very expensive.


People tend not to use these services as much as they could.

They stay away from them because they know it will be pricey!

When someone faces a technical problem with their laptop, they usually spend days trying to figure things out themselves rather than calling an expert and save tons of time.

Or they will hesitate for weeks before calling a lawyer because they know it's going to cost them a lot.

Spending $500/month on coaching, that's $6000/year

If one person wanted to access the same type of help with these other services, right now, that's the type of price they would pay too...

this comes to $30'000/year for services!

I know... some services will cost less, some will cost more!

Someone can easily spend $3000 in legal fees one month and not need technical help...

The point is that this is the type of price people will easily pay!

I think that only the top 5% of the population can afford a full range of support in all areas.

For most people, they give up or never use these services because they don't want to spend that type of money.

Now, let's take another model...

1 month Unlimited coaching $99

one year... $1200

5 similar services (accounting, legal, health, technical, coaching)


See, the difference?

That's way more affordable, right?

It radically changes the equation and offers a set of affordable services that people can actually go for!

It's a different model and guess what?

I believe it is a potential win-win

That's the model I am exploring now and people are responding to it so far.

It could be the next big wave...

To be followed!

"Unlimited coaching? Make me an offer" mailing - what happened?

a few positive responses definitely but if the previous mailing unlimited coaching was 80% successful, in comparison, this one is about 40% successful.


Maybe because there are too many choices, too many decisions to make, that I give responsibility to the client to choose a price.

Interestingly, half of those who respond didn't dare to name a price! That's weird, right?

Instead they ask me the question back:

What do YOU think you this is worth...

The reason why this is is because maybe they don't want to offend me, or because they have no clue of the value of what they will get.

And it is true!

Getting results in dating or a new business strategy is so priceless that giving it a price tag reduces the experience...

Most people don't want to take that step maybe because they are afraid to make a negotiation mistake, maybe...

Anyway, having a fixed price tag to the offer seems more powerful so far.

maybe those who wanted to sign up already signed up last week.

The demand could be lower.

It's thanks giving today and forgot about that one (I am in Europe)

another element is that the offers that were sent required some extra negotiation... and the end result is that I eventually proposed the same type of offer I gave before.

So, conclusion? The 1 month unlimited coaching $99 offer stands stronger than the "make me an offer" one...

They are both valid, but the fixed price tag scores slightly higher in my mind...

what to do next?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The offer and demand don't match right now?... NOTE

That's one way of putting it...

They do match to a certain extent but there is way more that could be done of course...

Core ingredients needed... - NOTE

here we go:

  • right product
  • traffic building or exposure
  • offer or packaging
  • sales strategy or sales page
Right now, I do for instance have quite a few products that sell to a certain extent.

Innovation Needed! - NOTE

In 2004, I had a profound awakening with my marketing and coaching.

I found a format for my products that really worked.

I found as well a marketing strategy that allowed me to build up traffic to the specific product I was launching.

This made a massive difference.

I launched other products following the same model and it worked.

For the last 6 years, It has been working successfully.


Now is the time for a new idea, business model, marketing step forward, something that has the potential to give what I do in coaching a new boost.

This boost is highly needed because innovation is what keeps this moving forward.

There are many ways I can innovate and it has to match the need of my audience and much more.

It has to be synchronized with what is needed right now on a larger scale.

That's what I am focusing on right now.

Success with coaching offer launch - NOTE

In the last few days, I launched the unlimited coaching offer in two ways and it is a success.

The response was great and I achieved through it 80% of what I had in mind.

It is a spectacular results and shows that there is something there that people need.

It's a model that I like that really opens a new level of space and maybe something to implement in the future on a larger scale.

What's interesting as well is that even though 8 people did sign up, I don't have my phone ringing like crazy.

In fact only one session yesterday and another maybe today. But it's definitely not like I am being flooded by calls.

That's essential to know and understand.

In theory, I could have 100 people on a similar unlimited coaching system and easily be able to handle them because only some would call me here and there.

A core question... Do I need to call them, initiate contact or leave them alone and let them contact me when they are ready.

That's another core question.

Next step?

Something interesting is that my existing clients to who I posted a message on skype did not respond to the offer - In fact none of them even replied, which is a bit weird.

These are people who I thought would be interested in connecting with me that way but the answer is no.

So, the networking, broadcast type of message to everyone works way better than individual messages.

It is powerful and that's THE element that makes this specific campaign a success.

If I had only the one on one contacts, none of this would have succeeded - what matters is that it was a networking effort that touched mu audience. A set of people who already know me.

What to do next? - a solid profound shift is needed! - NOTE

The site right now is working fine and of course, traffic has been going down progressively.

I need a new idea, a new way of approaching my marketing because it's calling for it!

I need help with that! I need vision!

Something new, tuned into the present and future...

I need a new marketing vision for what I do.

Here are some things that won't change much my results:

  • Posting one more video
  • posting one more free article
  • Posting one more audio
  • Creating one more free channel on the site
  • Adding a detail in the navigation
  • Shifting something in any of my sales pages
  • posting some more links to a program on my facebook
  • posting videos and links on my news channel
  • limited traffic building strategies to existing pages
  • adding "facebook like" icons to my pages
  • Etc, etc, etc.
There are literally dozens of steps I could be taking that would make ZERO difference in my level of success and the impact I have with my audience.

What I need now is a radical shift either in my offer, the way I market or the way I do things online, or the way I coach!


A few things that could work:
  • Hiring firm or individual for SEO and traffic building
  • Radically shift the way I communicate with my prospects and/or audience
  • Radically shift my coaching offer
  • Totally rewamp my sales pages
  • Develop a new radical coaching skill
  • Develop new personal skills
  • A couple of very specific selling tricks
In fact, I get the feeling that a combination of these could work. It's radical, long term strategy


action that goes through.

What's funny is that trance is actually an awaken state of consciousness or altered state.

Trance action could as well be see as a moment of magical synchronicity where a link is created.

A bridge is created where there was no bridge before.

commercial trance action

commerce is "com=together merce=mercchandise"

the magic of business is right there.

There is a way deeper reality to something we experience every day!

There is magic in it!

The nature of commercial transactions - Whaou! - NOTE

A commercial transaction is a win-win.

I just started rediscovering its magical nature in the sense that someone has something - someone else wants it - if these two meet, a commercial transaction can be successfully made.

This is so embedded in the nature of society and humankind.

It is an exchange of energy in various forms.

It is an exchange of goods or services and is VERY pure in its essence.

By its nature, this exchange of energy in this specific commercial form is tantric in essence.

And the thing that I just realized is that there is a spirit or a force sponsoring that commercial exchange.

You have all sorts of abuses that can come and spoil a commercial exchange.

There is no doubt about this.

But in Essence, a commercial exchange IS magical and divine.

Money is simply one form of energy that can be transmited in these commercial exchanges.

But in essence, money came after.

The first intention was:

"I have meet, you have vegetables. If we share our food, we both win"

It is that simple.

You have excess of something.

Someone else has a need for what you have.

A spirit is there to sponsor that exchange and give it a seal of approval.

See how it works.

Now, you have millions of possible commercial transactions which are never fulfilled.


Because the offer and the demand don't match.

The product might be right but pricing could be off.

Or the pricing could be right but the packaging is off.

For instance if you need one kilo of rice and you meet a person who wants to sell you one ton, it's not going to work, right?

Wrong packaging.

If the product is priced too high, that's usually a deal breaker too, right?

So, commercial transactions are successful when the offer and the demand meet.

It is that simple.

Instead of coming up with a fixed offer, you can adapt the offer to the demand. In other terms, you can negotiate the transaction and make sure that your offer meets the demand.

Another way to spoil a commercial transaction is to be too pushy with your offer.

That's obviously going to be a turn off.

So, got that?

Now, by simply invoking the spirit of commercial transactions, you can in fact create lots of them, way more of them, in proportions which are undreamed off. Really!

Every missed commercial transaction is an opportunity to fine tune the offer/demand so that they match.

A master sales person can in fact create them consciously, focus on win-wins and create commercial transaction possibilities in situations that would usually have failed.

Battle station? - What works and what doesn't with making money - NOTE

here are a few ones that don't work:
  • distributing my business card to friends and social connections
  • hoping that social connections only will be enough to fulfill my commercial needs
  • marketing to an audience which is too small
  • workshops at least the way I presented them so far
ok... that's the first way to look at it...

Here is another way:

money, selling, marketing, commercialization of anything means connecting with a spirit or with a flow.

The moment you are in that flow, the results you want to have do manifest.

It is really that simple.

The reason why some people try to make money and don't succeed is because some of their actions, beliefs, thoughts or emotions are not aligned with that specific spiritual force.

It is really that simple.

Commercialization, money making or marketing is not about a product or a specific marketing strategy.

It is about being able to connect with the spirit behind it.

So, some people will be successful with making money no matter what they do.

Material success is in their blood.

Anything they try will be aligned with that specific material power stream because that's the spirit they can relate to the best.

They will naturally take the right action simply because it's what they naturally do best.

If you take the traditional scientist, you will see how they might be a total business failure because their mind and energy are somewhere else.

The same with people in the personal development or spiritual field.

They might miss the point with making money because their energy is not based in the material power stream.

Got that??

The thing to be clear about is that each commercial transaction is a very specific type of relationship between two parties.

Each time you have a successful commercial transaction between two persons, it is a fulfillment of the spirit of commerce.

This means that it is the achievement of a very specific relationship and spirit.

So, those who have aversion towards selling, marketing or commercial transactions in fact have aversions towards living in that spirit.

This is why part of them self sabotages transactions or behaves in ways which are in disharmony with the commercial spirit.

Commerce is something simple:

One person needs something.

Someone has this something and gives it to them in exchange of money.

This is it.

Commerce exists because there was a need for that type of transactions in the first place.

All the abuses of commercial activities are simply abuses.

they are not related with the fact that commerce or money are bad by itself.

as with any type of human activity, you need a clear set of values and code of ethics.

It is really that simple.

If certain behaviors are unethical in the business world, that does not condemn business by itself, it condemns only these unethical behaviors.