Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Battle station? - What works and what doesn't with making money - NOTE

here are a few ones that don't work:
  • distributing my business card to friends and social connections
  • hoping that social connections only will be enough to fulfill my commercial needs
  • marketing to an audience which is too small
  • workshops at least the way I presented them so far
ok... that's the first way to look at it...

Here is another way:

money, selling, marketing, commercialization of anything means connecting with a spirit or with a flow.

The moment you are in that flow, the results you want to have do manifest.

It is really that simple.

The reason why some people try to make money and don't succeed is because some of their actions, beliefs, thoughts or emotions are not aligned with that specific spiritual force.

It is really that simple.

Commercialization, money making or marketing is not about a product or a specific marketing strategy.

It is about being able to connect with the spirit behind it.

So, some people will be successful with making money no matter what they do.

Material success is in their blood.

Anything they try will be aligned with that specific material power stream because that's the spirit they can relate to the best.

They will naturally take the right action simply because it's what they naturally do best.

If you take the traditional scientist, you will see how they might be a total business failure because their mind and energy are somewhere else.

The same with people in the personal development or spiritual field.

They might miss the point with making money because their energy is not based in the material power stream.

Got that??

The thing to be clear about is that each commercial transaction is a very specific type of relationship between two parties.

Each time you have a successful commercial transaction between two persons, it is a fulfillment of the spirit of commerce.

This means that it is the achievement of a very specific relationship and spirit.

So, those who have aversion towards selling, marketing or commercial transactions in fact have aversions towards living in that spirit.

This is why part of them self sabotages transactions or behaves in ways which are in disharmony with the commercial spirit.

Commerce is something simple:

One person needs something.

Someone has this something and gives it to them in exchange of money.

This is it.

Commerce exists because there was a need for that type of transactions in the first place.

All the abuses of commercial activities are simply abuses.

they are not related with the fact that commerce or money are bad by itself.

as with any type of human activity, you need a clear set of values and code of ethics.

It is really that simple.

If certain behaviors are unethical in the business world, that does not condemn business by itself, it condemns only these unethical behaviors.

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