Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The nature of commercial transactions - Whaou! - NOTE

A commercial transaction is a win-win.

I just started rediscovering its magical nature in the sense that someone has something - someone else wants it - if these two meet, a commercial transaction can be successfully made.

This is so embedded in the nature of society and humankind.

It is an exchange of energy in various forms.

It is an exchange of goods or services and is VERY pure in its essence.

By its nature, this exchange of energy in this specific commercial form is tantric in essence.

And the thing that I just realized is that there is a spirit or a force sponsoring that commercial exchange.

You have all sorts of abuses that can come and spoil a commercial exchange.

There is no doubt about this.

But in Essence, a commercial exchange IS magical and divine.

Money is simply one form of energy that can be transmited in these commercial exchanges.

But in essence, money came after.

The first intention was:

"I have meet, you have vegetables. If we share our food, we both win"

It is that simple.

You have excess of something.

Someone else has a need for what you have.

A spirit is there to sponsor that exchange and give it a seal of approval.

See how it works.

Now, you have millions of possible commercial transactions which are never fulfilled.


Because the offer and the demand don't match.

The product might be right but pricing could be off.

Or the pricing could be right but the packaging is off.

For instance if you need one kilo of rice and you meet a person who wants to sell you one ton, it's not going to work, right?

Wrong packaging.

If the product is priced too high, that's usually a deal breaker too, right?

So, commercial transactions are successful when the offer and the demand meet.

It is that simple.

Instead of coming up with a fixed offer, you can adapt the offer to the demand. In other terms, you can negotiate the transaction and make sure that your offer meets the demand.

Another way to spoil a commercial transaction is to be too pushy with your offer.

That's obviously going to be a turn off.

So, got that?

Now, by simply invoking the spirit of commercial transactions, you can in fact create lots of them, way more of them, in proportions which are undreamed off. Really!

Every missed commercial transaction is an opportunity to fine tune the offer/demand so that they match.

A master sales person can in fact create them consciously, focus on win-wins and create commercial transaction possibilities in situations that would usually have failed.

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