Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What to do next? - a solid profound shift is needed! - NOTE

The site right now is working fine and of course, traffic has been going down progressively.

I need a new idea, a new way of approaching my marketing because it's calling for it!

I need help with that! I need vision!

Something new, tuned into the present and future...

I need a new marketing vision for what I do.

Here are some things that won't change much my results:

  • Posting one more video
  • posting one more free article
  • Posting one more audio
  • Creating one more free channel on the site
  • Adding a detail in the navigation
  • Shifting something in any of my sales pages
  • posting some more links to a program on my facebook
  • posting videos and links on my news channel
  • limited traffic building strategies to existing pages
  • adding "facebook like" icons to my pages
  • Etc, etc, etc.
There are literally dozens of steps I could be taking that would make ZERO difference in my level of success and the impact I have with my audience.

What I need now is a radical shift either in my offer, the way I market or the way I do things online, or the way I coach!


A few things that could work:
  • Hiring firm or individual for SEO and traffic building
  • Radically shift the way I communicate with my prospects and/or audience
  • Radically shift my coaching offer
  • Totally rewamp my sales pages
  • Develop a new radical coaching skill
  • Develop new personal skills
  • A couple of very specific selling tricks
In fact, I get the feeling that a combination of these could work. It's radical, long term strategy

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