Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New unlimited coaching offer on website

this is a new test I have been running since yesterday - it is the same offer as the first unlimited coaching $99 - q month offer I sent to my list and that got this very good response.

The message was sent to around 4000 addresses and I can say that it got probably a 0.2% conversion rate on the number of emails sent.

I do believe that around 25% of emails were opened, so that's 1000 emails - now this gives us a very different conversion rate of around 1%.

So, with this new offer, I believe that around 100 people are exposed to the ad on the site every day.

After 4 days, that should be around 400 people.

If the conversion rates are similar, this could mean 4 sales.

That's what I need to test in that period of time: does the same ad, directly on the site create a similar response or not... we'll see

I have to wait another 3 days and check results then.

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