Monday, December 13, 2010

What people feel when they see an ad? - NOTE

Here is something that is happening right now online!

Ads suck!

When people see them they run away!

A lot of an internet user's behavior is a a permanent battle to avoid the ads.

People want information delivered to them!

They way to be entertained and inspired!

They want to be thrilled and excited.

Here is what happens when people see an add:

They are turned off!

They get an instant negative emotional reaction.

They develop ad blindness!

Here is what I feel:

In terms of marketing strategy, advertising kills the relationship with your audience!

It is really that simple!

It creates a reaction in the surfer's mind that says:

"I need to protect myself from that because their agenda is to get my money in whatever way they can"

"They are trying to seduce me with their message and if I do what they ask me to do, I will lose money and end up with stuff I don't need"

The self talk a person has which is associated with advertising is bad! Really bad!

The emotional response is 95% negative.

Then, there is a tiny bit of curiosity.

And when curiosity wakes up, most people will try to kick that curiosity out!

They will fight that emotion because they don't want to be seduced by an ad!

They know the advertisers are trying to put a message in their minds and they fight with that specific force.

In other terms, it's a conflicting battle!

It's a battle of energy between the advertiser and the prospect.

That's the type of reaction that happens in 95% of the cases.

Advertising misses the point in most cases!

So, the question is: if advertising the way it was done doesn't work, what does?

Right now, I have a website and people come to it for information!

They get something from it!

It's a directory of resources that is 95% free and open to everyone.

It does exactly what it is supposed to do.

it could do more of the same?


There could be more info on any topic!

And it would not fundamentally change what the site does.

There are MANY things that can be perfected.

The thing though is that it won't radically change the response I get.

What I need now is a NEW way of communicating with my audience that will create connection!

I am looking for NEW ideas, new formats and new ways of helping, connecting with and reaching my audience.

Realize that the past model has been like this:

From the website owners, it goes often like this:

"Let's get people to visit the site and offer them content - while they watch this content, let's get them distracted by ads so that they lose track on what they try to do and check the ads we offer"

For the surfer's perspective, it sounds like:

"Let's check this info and be blind to anything that is not info. I know that these guys will try to sell me something and the only way to stay on top is to REFUSE to play and waste my time! I need to PROTECT myself against these messages and go straight to the only thing I want: the piece of info I am looking for"

That's a selling strategy which DOES NOT work anymore!


In that model, you have 2 agendas which are VERY different!

The audience and the business - 2 agendas that don't match.

That's unless you have an online shop that already says: BUY.

People know that when they enter a shop, they already engage in a commercial relationship.

They are possible prospects, they know that and accept it.

It works!

Now, when you enter in a library and have someone trying to sell you something, that's where it doesn't match!

Here is another one: telemarketers trying to sell you stuff by calling you.

Why is it annoying? because your phone is a social and practical tool! not a shop!

It invades your space and privacy and the one who market that way try to shift you into shopping mode when you are not.

So, certain environments are appropriate for selling, some other ARE NOT!

Here are more examples: advertising your products on facebook or youtube doesn't work.

It can a bit if you are a company and pay for ad space.

BUT if you start actively selling stuff in your social space, this is it!

probably 95% of people are turned off by it!

You can get a way with doing it a few times but if you repeat that often, you will REALLY irritate your friends!

Same if you go to a social event and try to engage into commercial transactions, actively selling something!

Again... Massive turn off!

Can you see how it works?

So, back to my site:

The site is NOT presented like a shop!

It is a vast set of resources.

It is a space where people can get lots of positive vibes and inspiration for free!

This is why over the years, I simplified the pages and removed distractions to come up with the simplest and most accessible way to be on the site SAFELY and without having to fight with distracting messages.

These are conscious choices I made over the years to actually provide content that everyone can use.

Now, I can either leave the site EXACTLY the way it is now or try to ad new features or elements to it.

That's the open question I have now and need to explore...

By the way, the site represents only 10% of my exposure online.

90% of those who access my material access it through other mediums and sources like online videos or podcasts.


Back to ads...

The thing is that most people who try to sell something will use ads on their site.

It's so programmed in people's minds that they simply do it when in fact, I believe it REALLY does not work when trying to establish connection!

99.9% of the advertising exposures fail!

In other terms, they DON'T lead a successful transaction or exchange.

It is like bombarding your audience with a message that doesn't work.

Things change!

what worked some years ago might no longer work now.

That's ok!

Adverting on website does not successfully create a relationship with my audience.

The response to ANY THING I advertise with side ads or more invasive ads simply generates an insignificant response!

That's a FACT!

So, the answer is CLEAR!

To create relationship, I need to engage my audience in a VERY different way!

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