Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Published first set of 12 books on amazon! - NOTE

This is a big one!

I now have 12 paperbacks selling on amazon.

The kindle versions are there too.

So far sales are already coming in which is really exciting.

That's one of the BIG developments of this last month.

I started testing various publishing systems (POD) already months ago.

Now, the system is streamlined and working.

Sales are coming in and more titles can be published soon.


SEO campaign - 2 1/2 weeks into it - NOTE

So far, no results are showing which is probably what was to be expected of course.

I have been monitoring traffic to my jealousy page + monitoring ranking for the 63 keywords the SEO team is promoting.

Again, so far, no change in either traffic or ranking.

I know that they must take it slow so that the buzz process is organic.

Also, google takes 2-3 months to reposition a site... It's not instant, not even a few weeks...

The time line has been 2 to 6 months in the past.

So, everything that is happening so far is predictable and on target.

Youtube - 2 weeks into video campaign - NOTE

So, I posted 10 targeted videos on jealousy for men.

Here is what happened:

  • Number of views predictable: after a few days of posting videos are at 100-200 views each
  • after one year, these views should be at 200-1000 views per video
  • If I consider traffic to all video sites and associated podcasts, that makes 3X these numbers
  • Over a 5 year period, this represents 10'000-20'000 views per video recorded (all included, all sites and MP3 as well)
  • Traffic to the jealousy page is unchanged! This means that the traffic impact on the product I was promoting is unchanged
  • Boost in other aspects of the site and my activity
  • Connection with my audience! Yes! 
  • More community engagement
  • Etc.
Basically, the strategy is working but the results I am getting are different than what you would expect.

It's really stunning!

If you tell people: click here, they will click less.

Basically, my audience does NOT respond when I tell them what to do.

At least in these videos.

It's a reverse psychology response and it's a very natural one.

People online have been tricked over and over again by sales messages and nowadays, they protect themselves against that.

They don't like promotions on youtube because they are there to be entertained and to learn.

they want to sit back and relax in the experience.

They don't go to youtube to shop!

It is that simple.

I already said that before and I'll say it again because it is an ESSENTIAL fact!

So... here are some positive results I have been getting besides the ones i mention:
  • More coaching sign ups
  • More sales overall on the site
  • Boost in traffic to the site
  • Increase in video views
  • Increase in community engagement in my videos
What is not happening:
  • No increase in sales in the specific product I promote
  • No increase in subscribers numbers
Interesting, aye?

It looks like more people are buying from me or connecting with me, but not what they are told or directed to.


I believe that this is a core LAW in marketing and promotion and I have to keep that in mind.

Also, the positive results happen like a side effect to all the good work I am doing.

The positive results are a reward but the real reward and core of this campaign is to simply post videos and positively impact on peoples lives.

The goal of these videos is to get people impacted by this message.

It is that impact that matters and the waves that it creates.

The positive sides effects like more traffic or more sales are just that... SIDE EFFECTS to that core activity.

The moment I focus on those side effects, I lose track with what really matters, broadcasting essential messages to my audience.

It is REALLY that simple!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Social brands invasion - NOTE

Sure, social media presence on your site strengthens your brand.

It shows that you are connected.

Too much of it is invasive though.

It's confusing and dilutes YOUR brand!

It takes away its power.

Youtube - Big discovery - NOTE

I realized that what maters the most is the energy I put in the videos and the impact they have.

the tactic description is essential of course, but the quality and intensity of the delivery is really what makes a video successful or not.

That's the part I can control.

The number of views and response from the audience is a bit more out of my hands... Well not the response because it depends on what I say. So, if I get a bad response that I don't like, it probably means that something needs to be adjusted.

Anyway, the point is that the level of energy in the video itself is absolutely essential and this is what makes a video a success or not.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Youtube - Video campaign - week 2 - NOTE

So far the 5 videos I posted are getting exactly what was expected...

Around the 100 views each, a few comments, a few Likes, etc.

Everything that happens on these videos is quite predictable as it follows the exact trend to what has been happening before on my videos.

The results are good because within a week, that's 1500 views (youtube and other sites + podcast)

Traffic to the jealousy page related with these postings is insignificant ( a few views/day probably).

My question is: is there anything I can do that can radically improve the impact of these videos?

Here is what comes to mind:

  • First, the video IS the goal by itself. Using video as a traffic generating technique is ok that's a side goal compared with giving people a fantastic experience when they watch it.
  • More editing? In the past, I didn't see a big change between edited and not edited videos but I am not sure about that one... It could very well be that a more targeted video with less pauses and higher rhythm (removing the blanks in the speech) could lead to more engagement from the audience... I am not sure about that one... the challenge with that one is that editing takes LOTS of time. It doubles or triples the time I spend on a video.
  • The videos that get lots of views are the main trend videos on topics which are very simple. At least for me. Some channels go deeper and get lots of views.
  • Level of energy! I can engage in this conversation with a higher, directive energy flow! That's the main element I feel would make a difference right now - Focus LESS on selling! Way more in communicating a solid idea filled with energy. Less commercial style. more energy and purpose driven. If you are trying to sell something, visitors feel it and it is a turn off. A short 15 sec mention at the end of the video is enough!
Ok... Just did the recording and focused on the ENERGY I put in what I communicate. 


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big conversion rate difference between the jealousy program and the break up program - Why? - NOTE

In the months sept to nov 2010, I noticed a big conversion rate difference between the jealousy and break up for men programs.

  • jealousy scored really high for that period: 3%
  • break up which has typically been higher in the past came with 1%
now, break up for men gets way more traffic 10X more actually with lots of traffic coming form google searches.

Jealousy for men on the other hand has way less traffic and maybe more targeted traffic from your tube.

When people watch a video before they get to my site, I believe they are warmer to buy so this could explain this difference in conversion.

When people are in the "search" more on google, they scan many pages one after the other probably.

This is a VERY different behavior.

So, this could explain the conversion rate difference.

There is another important element and I want to know if this factor plays a role too.

Break up for men is a way longer sales page.
  • 5 videos
  • long list of testimonials
  • detailed content
  • content is centered
  • page above the fold has 2 videos
Jealousy for men has
  • 1 video
  • only a few testimonials
  • same detailed content
My question is: what is the cause for the difference in conversion rates?
  • Is it the difference in sales pages?
  • the difference in traffic source?
If it's because of the type of page, I need to know that...

Is it better to stuff the sales page with as much info as possible, like 5 videos, etc.

Or is it better to keep it way simple like in the jealousy page?

I need an answer for that! I need a hint!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just changed back the title of Master your jealousy back to "Jealousy - How to deal with it - For men"


Just a feeling.

These are these type of subtle changes that sometimes make a difference.

When I shift something that has been there for a while, it's as if the energy doesn't adapt to it sometimes straight away...

It's a subtle thing that doesn't have a real explanation as in this specific example, there is no "logical" reason for this but I experienced that before with other choices I made on the site.

As if certain changes seem to create a blockage in the energy flow...

Anyway... Just want to see what happens now...

Youtube - 5 days after campaign start - NOTE

Posted my 5th video today on the same jealousy topic and here are the results after 5 days campaign:

  • No significant change in the traffic to jealousy for men page
  • Video views as expected
  • The "John Lennon" strategy I tried earlier is not yet showing any results.
  • A couple of sales on my kindle books on this topic.
  • No visible change in community engagement
  • Slight increase in overall video views.
At the same time, there is a "buzz" happening related with my activity...
  • Increase in overall traffic to the site
  • Coaching interest from new clients
So, what's the conclusion so far?

I am creating lots of buzz and activity but results stay very discrete.

I can't see change in the traffic to the page BUT I do of course have an impact.

The main impact is NOT sales!

I am gaining expertise in that specific field and position myself in a certain way.

Also, my real power on this very specific topic and the confidence with which I speak about it IS increasing a lot.

So, these are subtle impacts.

It's not thousands of new visitors to my jealousy page but there is an energy shift as I am engaging with more power with my existing audience.

These are all subtle impacts...


In terms of traffic to the jealousy for men page on the site - I know that for 100 videos views, there could be one click to the site. On youtube, 500 views, that would 5 visits in 5 days or 1 visit/day! No wonder I don't see traffic change - It's just a number game...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Youtube - 3rd day after launch - NOTE

3rd video posted today.

I have been posting to about 10 other video sites, not just youtube + posting the mp3 (converted from video) to 3 of my podcast channels.

As a general idea

100 views on youtube = 100 extra views on all other video sites combined = 100 extra MP3 downloads.

So, I can grossly triple the number of views I have on youtube to get the number of sights for my videos and these audios.

So, in 3 days, this gives me around 300 views (including MP3 downloads)/video - that's on average.

In this short period, it is very challenging to estimate the REAL long term impact of such campaign.

These videos STAY online.

Within 5 years, each posting will be viewed on average 10'000 times.

That's if stats are consistent with the past.

But there could of course be one or more videos suddenly taking off in the number of views.

What does it mean in terms of impact or sales?

Well, impact is VERY different than sales.

Impact in those who view my videos IS powerful!

Sometimes, I get unrequested messages from people who have been viewing or listening to my material for years.

They'll say things like: "You changed my life", "I have been listening to your mp3's for years", etc.

So, there is definitely an impact even though I can't really quantify it precisely.

I know that overall, roughly 1 million people a year are exposed to my coaching in one way or another.

Now, sales... Sales is a RADICALLY different story.

With a campaign like this one, it is very difficult to quantify the impact it can have.

I believe by experience that videos do create a high degree of credibility and that it does reach a vast audience as well.

My estimation is that roughly, my videos might be responsible for 25% of my sales right now... Maybe more.

A targeted campaign like this one if I post around 30 videos could double my yearly sales for this product.

Which is cool, right?

What is essential is that these videos STAY there and are viewed for years after that.

So, if this represents on my side 1 month of work, because it impacts for such a long period of time, it is 100% worth the focus and power I put in them!

Now, remember that this is LONG term!

I might hardly feel the impact for weeks or even months, but eventually, after even 1 year, it really pays off.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Youtube - First video from the campaign posted - close to 24 hours later - what's happening - NOTE


here are some stats:
  • 100+ video views (probably most of them coming from my subscribers)
  • No facebook repost yet (except mine)
  • No traffic change on my jealousy for men page
  • No new sales related with this posting (on my site or amazon but will have to check that again as there might be some stats delay with their sales stats)
  • 80 downloads of the mp3 (via podcasts and Itunes)
So... Everything that is happening so far is predicable.

The potential impact of such campaign is not 1 day 1 video - it for months or years of presence for a video campaign (10-30 videos for that one)


By the way, previous videos on this topic had on average 1000 views/year - I can expect similar numbers from my mp3's after 5 years that's 10'000 downloads or views of this recording which is like having a short 5 to 10 min conversation with an audience of 10'000 people... that's one way to look at it...


What about the tags connecting with John Lennon's video? so far, my video does NOT appear as a related video but John Lennon's videos appear in my related videos...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Youtube SEO - Video campaign is NOT for my social network - NOTE

I know what you think...

You believe that when you post a video, the buzz might take off and they will pass your message.

Well, they don't on a large scale.

I mean, some friends might send a message to some friends or post on their profile but the scale of this impact is VERY small!

If you expect your social network to turn you into a success, you might get VERY disappointed!

That's unless you market something LOCAL and or what you offer can attract dozens of people to your events.

Otherwise, your personal social network impact is usually not enough.

here is an example:

how many video views do you think I got from my friends on facebook? I mean friends clicking on one of my facebook videos? probably a few hundreds... In a couple of years... This is it!

Youtube which reaches THE WORLD, not my social network delivers 2000-3000 video views / day!

See the difference?

You target audience is NOT your social network!

Why? because your social network is TOO SMALL!

You need more than that to succeed!

At least that's MY experience for the type of services I offer.

What's your experience?

Youtube SEO - Testing tags and original file name - NOTE

the topic for the video I just uploaded is "Jealousy for men"

I called it "Jealous Guy" to see if it connects my video with John Lennon's song and video which gets 10 million views so far.

So... if this strategy works, my video should appear by the side of John Lennon's one as a related video.

If the strategy does not work, I will not be in the related videos next to his + the number of views will stay low...

What will happen???? tada!!!!

To be followed...

Youtube SEO - Launching a new youtube video campaign today - NOTE

I'll test different thinks like keyword selection, title etc.

The absolute MAIN element is quality content.

Those who do watch my videos get something from it but it would be really cool if my reach was greater than it is now...

let's see... to be followed...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

define:KEI - Google Search

define:KEI - Google Search

Youtube SEO - Tube toolbox? - NOTE

Use that one to connect and automate tasks?

What;s interesting is that when I search on youtube for Tube toolbox the videos that come have a few hundreds  to few thousands views.

Nothing viral about that!!!

I guess that the people who post about that tool have been using it but obviously are not getting much exposure...

So, that's a hint, right?!!!

Apparently NOT a too exciting lead...

Youtube SEO - Use annotations to create interaction with your viewer - NOTE

That's a simple one!

I never used annotations on my videos...

Use annotations to create interaction with your viewer

possible strategy to use in the future and increase user engagement

again, that's an isolated technique that could work or not... But is probably NOT going to radically shift the number of views I get


Right now, here is the engagement I get from my viewers:

  • Total engagement = 15/day (around 0.5% = 1 engagement for 200 views
  • 5 comments/day (0.25% engagement = 1 comment for 400 views)
  • 2 ratings/day (0.1%)
  • 3 favorites/day (0.15%) 
(these are approximations)

Youtube SEO - First conclusions - NOTE


After a few hours of research on this topic today, I don't have any solid new idea I can easily implement for my videos.

I have been already doing LOTS of things right in the past and so far, none of what is being said gives me a real new grip on how to do better.

What I start realizing is that VERY HIGH QUALITY content will get attention because people buzz about that.

So, if the content is of great value to those who view the videos, they will create a buzz and they will comment, favorite, share which is basically what increase the views + the ranking.

In other terms:


That would be the strategy or the idea...

So... I can simply leave it up to my audience and focus EXCLUSIVELY on the quality of my content or pursue the SEO line as well...

Another key point is that when I put effort in promoting a page of mine on google, the visitor accessess MY WEBSITE and MY PAGE!

When I put SEO effort on youtube, this traffic only goes to my video which is STILL on youtube!

People still need to click on the link to access my website and sales page...


my youtube videos get viewed on average way more than my web pages...

my youtube video gets on average 4 hits/day

a page on my site gets on average 0.1 hits/day (that's for the 18'000 pages listed on my adwords)

the point is that my videos are WAY more exposed than my webpages on average!


I have to try it to find out.

But of course, before I launch a new video campaign, I want to make sure I get it right so that these videos get the max exposure and views they can get.


So, my question is:



Youtube SEO - Youtube size - NOTE

Some stats for youtube:
  • For Oct 2008
  • 100 million viewers
  • 2.5 billion searches
as you can see... LOTS of traffic!


Many people are surprised to learn that YouTube is the second-largest search engine. Yep, it's bigger than Yahoo and bigger than Bing, according to comScore

Youtube SEO - Possible elements influencing ranking - NOTE

  • title
  • description
  • tags
  • views
  • ratings
  • playlist additions
  • flagging
  • embeds
  • shares
  • comments
  • age of video
  • channel views
  • subscribers
  • inbound links (links from outside of YouTube pointing to your videos).

So, have you thought about all of the factors listed earlier? If you break it down, it actually makes complete sense that YouTube would take all of these factors into account when ranking videos.  For example, what good is a video that has 400,000 views, but has been flagged several times and has no comments?  Or, should YouTube rank a video highly that only has 10,000 views, but has been favorited 2000 times?  How about a new video that hits YouTube?  Should it rank over a video that’s been around for a year and has built up 125 inbound links?  So on and so forth. I think these are great questions and deserve a good amount of analysis to determine how important each factor is when determining rankings.

Needless to say, this list of factors goes well beyond what most people think about when optimizing videos for YouTube.  The list includes community factors that aren’t easy to build up and can take a lot of time.  Engagement is key in social media, but that takes time, effort, and a solid understanding of each community.  I think we all have seen “drive by” social media, right?  People who jump into a community, post their latest work, and leave before you even know what happened.  They get 1 vote (their own), have no friends in the community, and basically wasted their time.  Based on what I just explained, I like the idea that all of the other factors impact rankings.  You should be rewarded for earning trust in a community, building a following, and providing valuable content that people cast votes for (via ratings, comments, and inbound links).  It makes sense.

Youtube SEO - What influences your video's ranking - NOTE

Community/social & linking factors weigh heavily in determining ranking on many video search engines. This includes Ratings, Favorites, Playlists, Comments, Honors, Views, Embedding, Response Videos, and Linking. “Click on a competitors video watch page “Statistics & Data” tab and analyze the factors contributing to the video ranking success, then work to meet or beat them!”.

Youtube SEO - What does the youtube audience want? - NOTE

It wants entertainment, information, connection!

Youtube is NOT a shop where people go to buy stuff!

They are NOT in the buying mode when they enter the site.

They are there to RELAX!

This is why marketing messages don't make it on youtube!

Promotional videos never make it to the top.

Promotional channels get very little to no response!

It simply doesn't work to play a promotional card on you tube because it is a social oriented site!

People want to be entertained, informed and connected.

The connection is NOT about having tons of friends on youtube.

It is a bit about the discussions going on in the comments.

But for social connections, people go to facebook.

In a similar way, people don't go to facebook to watch videos first. they go there to check what their friends are up to.

So, these two sites respond to 2 VERY different needs!

Videos that get millions of views on youtube are music videos and comedy. You have as well lots of life videos that make it viral!

The point is that advertising is there as a frame in the background and the whole system tries to push the closest possible to the viewer.

But again, people are NOT in the shopping mode when they enter the site!

They are in the entertainment and topic research mode.

For the research part, people use youtube to find information! They use it to learn!

That's exactly what wikipedia does too, right?

While wikipedia is exclusively focused on learning and information, youtube is probably 80% entertaining and 20% informing.

That's just a rough guess.


As you see, there are no shopping carts on youtube, no payment system, no credit card required!

It's free!

It's NOT a shop!

Now, I think we are clear on that by now....

Viewers want to be entertained and informed!


So, next question is

What happens when you don't give viewers what they want?

What if you go to a chinese restaurant and they try to sell you mexican?

It creates discomfort and negative emotional reactions.

It creates pressure because you ask your audience to adapt to something they were not expecting and might not want!

In other terms, it creates stress!

It does NOT create comfort!

It doesn't give space to your audience to relax!

They WANT to relax!

They don't want to be attacked by promotional offers when they enter your site!

Do you get that?


Now, what happens when you simply inform?

Is that enough?

Well, of course not!

the quality of the message needs to be high!

On top of that, if you inform on topics that not many people care about (the mating habits of a new type of Madagascan ant) you won't get many views, right? unless again, it is spectacular and entertaining!

Right here we are covering the audience's needs and even if you provide to these needs, it might still NOT give you many views!

That's unless, your video is REALLY OPTIMIZED


The value of your video is high!

The value of your video?

  • Extremely entertaining
  • Essential information
  • High quality video
  • High quality content
Now, many videos go viral even if they offer a poor quality video. It is because of the entertaining value that many people refer and watch them.

... Clearing some concepts and ground facts here...

can we talk about Youtube SEO now?

or should we forget about it altogether?

Youtube SEO - Next step? Youtube video campaign? - NOTE

Before I start with that one, I need to
  • Clearly analyse the target
  • Understand more about how youtube REALLY works, why you get views for some videos and not many for others
  • The Youtube audience and how to effectively communicate with them
  • Identify the best content and strategy to post my videos.
So, all these are exploratory steps.

First, my videos got so far around 2.5 million views.

I am NOT a beginner on you tube and other video channels.

My videos get 1800-3000 views daily

I posted 500 videos so far

3700 subscribers

My most viewed video got 350'000 views so far


my goal is to PERFECT my strategy and see if there are ways for me to improve the impact + response that my videos get.


First point:

Most of my video views come from related videos clicks and search on youtube, not from my subscribers!

Subscriber views might account for small fraction of my views 5% I would say.

5% of videos are viewed on an embedded player on an external website... with 2.5 million video overall views, that's still 125'000 views for embedded videos

In videos that don't get many views, the "related videos" referrals are very low and other sources of referring sources are higher.

So, the most important element that give me lots of views are the "related videos" and "search" referrals.

My question is simple: is there something I can do to increase my position and ranking in these two?

Is the ranking process from you tube more "random"

If there is a specific algorithm for youtube (I am sure there is) what are the ingredients that influence a video's ranking.

So... we enter here in a whole new area which I would call Youtube optimization - YTO

I am going to approach this as a new challenge, like an exciting game.

As with any game it's more fun when you know you can win, right?

At this stage, I need first to gain knowledge.

I don't know enough about the potentials of YTO


You might ask...

Why not just rely on luck?

Why not simply sit back and let the universe work it out?

Why snot simply post your videos and trust that they will get hits if they are mean to?

the answer to this is quite simple:

I might! absolutely!

I might simply do my job and let destiny work it out.


I was born with a brain, analytical abilities, skills and more!

All this IS part of the game.

And it is part of being successful with what I do.

If I was simply posting videos, I would get some results of course.

But if there are simple steps I can take that will bring my videos to a much larger audience, what do you think I should do? Ignore these steps or implement them?

In the past, I have simple steps I took that multiplied the impact I had... Here are some YTO strategies I already used:
  • Video title choice
  • Keywords choice
  • Video response posting
  • Posting to other video sites
  • Comments answering
  • Video branding
  • Video editing
  • Etc.
In fact when I post a video, the whole process IS optimized to a certain extent.

My question is: can I do better?

What you have to understand is that for instance the volume of searches on youtube is HUGE!

It is comparable to searches you might get on google!


Again I have to be very clear about that.

Here is why I record and post videos:
  • Recording and posting videos is fun, creative and energizing.
  • I like sharing my knowledge and insights and start a discussion on the topic.
  • I am excited by the idea that my viewers are able to get essential life tactics that makes their lives more, powerful, better, happier and more exciting.
  • I do this for a greater good, REALLY! I see my actions within a cycle of transformation and change which is way vaster than myself. I enjoy being an agent in this transformational stream
Of course, there is as well a commercial element to what I do and my motivation there is to refer people to my webpage and get them to buy my product.

The numbers are clear though: for probably 5000 people who see my videos, maybe 1 person will buy something from me.

So, if I was not being filled by the idea of simply giving, I would have stopped a LONG TIME AGO!

The core of my activity with these videos has NOT BEEN COMMERCIAL!

It has been FREE GIVING.

The advertising element in what I share, represents around 10% of what I create.

It's a small fraction.

The rest is free giving...

Anyways, back to YOUTUBE SEO - I think that's the term people will use out there the most...


Some stats for youtube:
  • For Oct 2008
  • 100 million viewers
  • 2.5 billion searches
as you can see... LOTS of traffic!


SEO campaign! Launched! - NOTE


Took the BIG leap yesterday and went ahead!

launched a 63 keyword - TOP 10 - campaign.

You have many subtleties and technicalities to understand get right...

I won't share everything here as a lot of that is a bot of a "trade secret" ;)

What's next?

Wait for 3 weeks to get first reports + in the mean time, monitor traffic and sources to the site and to the specific page I am promoting.

Including this initial period, the campaign will go on for a total of 3 months.


If it is a success in the first few weeks, I have a few options:

  • Ad more keywords to promote
  • aim for top 3 in stead of top 10
  • launch new campaigns for other products and other sets of keywords.
  • Launch a campaign for highly competitive keywords.
To be followed... Will check again on that one when results start coming in.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Something just hit me...

Actually, it took a few hours to sink in and now I am realizing something quite profound.

To win at marketing YOU MUST ENJOY THE GAME!

Many people engage into marketing like chore!

They look at it like something painful that should actually not be there.

They think, that once they market, they will be able to go ahead and do what they really like once they are done with marketing.

That's simply the wrong mind set and creates an ongoing inner conflict!

It doesn't work to look at it that way.

You need to totally shift your mind and realize that the game of marketing is THE goal by itself!

You must play the game AND enjoy it, otherwise it is painful + you waste tons of time and energy!

How can you go a field and play soccer if you really would like to do something else!

How can THAT work?

It simply doesn't because your passion is not with it!

Marketing IS A GAME!

It is a competitive and performance driven activity in which you must be at your best to win!


And competition is in the NATURE OF LIFE!

It starts with hunting millions of years ago!

It starts with survival, with finding a shelter to be safe!

That's the nature of life!

It is fight and competition!

Think about your love life!

Think about you crushing on this guy or girl who falls for someone else!

It's again competition to win in someone's heart, right?

Think about your school years, your studies, your profession, your relationship with a boss or setting up your own business!



You better enjoy it because it will be there no matter what you do!

That's the game of life!

It's not the only game but it's one that is at the core of human existence and any form of life on this planet!

Think about a forest! Trees that need to grow faster to reach the light!

Think about hunting lions on an African Savannah!

It's competition again!

It is the survival game!

Business follows the same type of rules and to win, you need to fight AND compete all the time!

Now, when you have been trying a bit and feeling defeated, the game can become a bit... painful!

You might start avoiding playing bit because every time you lose, it's a bit of rejection that you take in!

So, after a while, negative emotions associated with the marketing game accumulate and you might give up playing altogether!

You are NO defeated!

You simply give up because it's too challenging!


If you want to play, your mind MUST be with it!

You must be 100% together, wanting to be right there in the middle of the field!

Marketing is NOT something that you do on the side waiting to be done with it!

It's not something you do before or after doing the real thing!


It is not more real that doing scientific research or teaching in schools or building homes!

All these activities are real!

But... The point is that if you want to win at the business game, you need to realize that you ARE in business and that marketing is 100% part of it!


So pick up the challenge and PLAY TO WIN!


just got a hint about possible style for future videos!

REAL! Make it real!

Give it raw!

Make it a journey!

Talk about MY own experiences!

This is what makes it exciting and appealing!

Real! Raw! Give the real story! NOT THE SALES PITCH!

Give your story! Tell your story and eventually the stories of others!

Tell the real stories!

Small scale versus large scale marketing campaigns - NOTE

You have tow ways of approaching your online marketing!

The first one is by taking micro steps and hoping that somehow, through a magical viral process or word of mouth or sudden referral, tons of traffic and sales will come your way...

Yeah! Right!

The other way to go is put in place a marketing machine that gives you LOTS of exposure and sales.

Guess which of those tow approaches work best?

You know the answer, right?

This is BUSINESS! and to succeed with business, you need a business model that works!

Do you hope that simply by posting your product on a facebook page or having a one time conference call or by posting a "I like" facebook icon on your pages, that suddenly some miracle will happen?

That's wishful thinking and it's NOT ENOUGH to make it!

You need way more than that!

You need a marketing machine! A marketing system!

single individual steps here and there are not enough!

You need MORE!

Got that?

Putting a book online and hoping that will sell is NOT GOOD ENOUGH because to be sold it needs massive exposure! we are talking about thousands of people exposed to your product! Not just a few!

And to get your products to be exposed to thousands of people, you need a system!

Not just a system! You need a MARKETING ENGINE!

Probably 99% of products out there don't succeed or are never seen because NO ONE knows about them!

It is REALLY that simple!

You have 5 billion people on this planet!

Millions need to know about your product.

Thousands need to visit a sales page

Hundreds will buy

this is the scale of reach you have to work with.

Simply hoping that somehow, your conversion rates or audience's response will be different is simply NOT realistic!

Keep your two feet on the ground and realize that if you want to succeed, you have to think BIG!


otherwise, it stays REALLY local!

Many people make the mistake that by marketing to just their social circle will be enough!



That's what you have to look at!

And going big IS CHALLENGING!

You need to step out of your comfort zone and take risks when you do that!

SEO - 2 highly competitive terms get 100X more exposure - NOTE

If instead of using a keyphrase, you use 2 terms to be in the top 10, the exposure is 100X bigger than with the key phrases I selected.

Of course, with these 2 keyphrases the audience is less targeted but still!!!

If you pay $100/year for the search terms I selected, what could be the fee for a top single keyword?

That's what I need to check...

SEO and VIDEO campaigns comparison - NOTE

so, here is what I estimated so far:

  • SEO: 150-1200 sales/year (need 250 sales minimum to cover costs)
  • VIDEO: 24-130 sales/year (one 30 days campaign)
In theory, with VIDEOS, I can keep on creating more which will of course increase impact and exposure

Same with SEO, these are the results for a first 60 top keywords 1 year campaign - More keywords could be added as well.

With SEO, while there is a financial risk $2000 invested in the first 3 months, the boost in traffic over a year should most likely pay for this investment if clicks, conversions and sales stay relatively low.

The potential success of the video campaign depends a lot on a vast variety of factors I still need to define and identify...

One of them is of course the number of views!!!

What results to expect from a youtube video campaign - NOTE

I am right now measuring the possible impact of two approaches...

In the past few days, I estimated the impact of a SEO campaign.

No, I'll check what happens if I launch a 30 days / 30 videos campaign for the same product.

Right now, I have 10 videos on youtube for this topic.
  • videos 3 years online
  • total views on youtube: 40'000
  • on all video sites: 80'000
  • 13'000 views/year from youtube
  • youtube related visits to my page = clicks = 500-1200 clicks
  • That's 3%-10% CTR
  • total sales estimates - 10-40 sales in a year (hard to tell as totally depends on conversion rate)
so suppose now that I create 30 new targeted videos on this topic...
  • 40'000 potential views on youtube/year
  • 1'200-4'000 views/year
  • Total sales estimates 24-130 sales/year

Of course, ALL these estimates are real approximations! It's just to give a scale of what can be achieved here.

Cost for video campaign: time and energy on my side

Possible income from a 1 month campaign: 
  • $480-$2600 / year
  • Over 5 years period = $2'400 - $13'000
Now, if this is repeated 4 times in a year and I launch more video campaigns, these numbers could go up again.
  • 4 similar campaigns in a year = $1'920-$10'400 /year
If you double these numbers because of including all  video sites - for one campaign (not 4)
  • $960-$5'200 /year
or 4 campaigns in a year on all video sites:
  • $3840 - $20'800 / year
same of 5 years period:
  • $19'200 - $104'000 /5 years
I know all this is very abstract and theoretical because so many elements can influence this.

As you can see, numbers can go up or down A LOT with a video campaign.

90% of the referring sources to my videos come from youtube itself and only 1-2% come from referrals from google.

50% referred by the "related videos feature"

20% referred by youtube search

15% mobile devices

5% channel

So, the same SEO game applies to youtube as to google.

The advantage with youtube is that there is way less competition for a given keyword but no idea how to play that game on youtube - have been relying purely on luck so far...


In terms of CTR's and conversions, the SEO campaign is more predictable than the video one because impressions and clicks are more predictable on search engines.

With videos, it's a totally different story because number of views can incredibly vary.

It's enough for a video to get many more views to suddenly multiply sales as well.

Just with these estimates, both approaches (VIDEO and SEO) are equally good.

SEO campaign? - New CTR, impressions and conversions estimates - NOTE

Here are some more stats from my webmaster tools on google
  • 50 keywords
  • Impressions: 500-2000/month = 1000 average
  • CTR average = 5-10% average
  • Clicks = 50-100 / keyword /month
  • Total clicks /month = 2'500-5'000 clicks/month
  • Total clicks/day = 80-160 clicks/day
  • Total clicks/year = 30'000-60'000 clicks/year 
  • If campaign costs $5000 first year - $0.16 - $0.08 /click
  • If conversion rate = 0.5% - 1% = 150 - 600 sales /year

Now, 2 elements can come in the picture that can significantly increase these numbers
  • These top 10 ranks can potentially show on yahoo and bing as well, not just google, this ads an extra 30%
  • These 50 top keywords mean that many more related keywords will score high as well - that's another 50% or more...
This means that sales could be even higher:
  • 60'000 - 120'000 clicks
  • 300 - 1200 sales/year

These are again rough but realistic estimates for this campaign

If campaign costs $5000 in SEO fees, I need 250 sales/year to cover the SEO costs

As you can see, the margin between loss and profit is VERY narrow!

These are VERY realistic expectations

To come even with this campaign, I need to make 20 sales/month

More than 20 sales, I make profit.

Less than 20 sales, it's loss.



world searches = 2X US searches (roughly)



Jealousy = 350'000 monthly searches worldwide

Jealous = 550'000 monthly searches worldwide

A top 10 on these terms get 50X-500X the impressions compared with the other key phrases

it might as well get a lower CTR because of being less targeted suppose that the CTR for these terms is 1-5%

that's 3'500 - 27'500 clicks/month /term

for both, that's an extra 7'000 - 55'000 clicks/month !!!

That's potentially lots of traffic

For all 60 other keywords, the estimated monthly clicks are 2'500 - 5'000

Using these terms has the potential to get 2X to 20X more traffic than all 63 other keywords combined!

Let's check prices:

2 keywords: $1300 to reach top 10

Maintenance fee: $80/month for both keywords

Total: $960 + $1300 = $2260

That's roughly 50% from the fee for the 60 other keywords AND it has the potential of generating 2X to 20X more traffic

Let's check the CPC for this 2 words campaign: 84'000-660'000 clicks/year

this makes: $0.03 - $0.003 /click!

That's a tiny small fraction from what I would pay for the 60 keywords...

Of course, conversion rate could be way lower because searches are way less targeted.

suppose that we now have a conversion rate from 1%-0.2%

168-6'600 sales /year ---------  I know.... haha! that's a huge potential difference! Numbers are simply vague at this stage! - CTR are very unclear + conversion rates could vary a lot too!

In terms of income, that's $3'360 - $132'000 - In this case, the worst CTR would still cover for SEO fees for that specific campaign.


Remember that right now, my top break up for men page gets 2000 visits/month or 24'000 visits/year

the totality of my site gets 130'000 visitors/year, so a campaign like this one has the potential to radically shift traffic on site.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SEO Offers - what it takes to make it work - NOTE


so, here are some numbers and estimations.

to get your site in the top 10 for a given key phrase (2-3 words) it will cost you anywhere from $100/year upwards.

That's the best case scenario.

If you end up positioning your website in the top 10 for 50 key phrases, that's $5'000/year

Let's check with one of my programs to see if that's profitable...

to come even, I would need to sell 250 programs/year for this specific campaign.

250 programs sold = $5000 income

$5000 income would just cover the SEO fees

250 programs divides by 50 keywords = 5 programs sold / keyword

250 programs with a 0.5 conversion rate, that's 50'000 vistors/year

if the click through rate is 1% average - that's 5'000'000 searches

if the click through rate is 5% average - that's 1'000'000 searches

So, the numbers are clear... To get that type of result, my ad needs to appear in front of 1-5 million viewers in a year.

That's JUST to come even!


Now, let's check some numbers from my adwords advertizing years:

in 2007 - peak year for that campaign - jealousy for men

  • US and western world market
  • ads impressions: 350'000
  • click through rate average: 1%
  • total clicks 5'000
  • with a conversion rate of 1%, that would mean 50 sales
  • $1000 income
  • $800 advertising costs
now the worldwide traffic estimates are probably twice as high - that would mean 700'000 impressions but half the conversion rate to get the same number of sales.


With this specific campaign, I don't even reach 1'000'000 impressions.

Yes, my ads were not showing all the time because of cost per click too high.

This means that the number of impressions could be way higher.

Suppose that it's double. We reach 1'5 million impressions.

In the same period, sold overall 161 programs - so that's around $3220 in a year for that specific program

this means that maybe only 
  • 50 sales = 1/3 of my sales came through adwords
  • 1/6 maybe 25 sales organic results 
  • 1/6 maybe through my optimized pages
  • 1/6 through my yahoo campaigns
  • 1/3 left...
These are ROUGH estimations as I don't have the exact numbers.


So, what is the conclusion?

That, a lot of my core keywords in my adwords campaign like overcome jealousy or dealing with jealousy did bring around 10'000 impressions/year and 200 visits.

Now, 200 visits probably generated 2 sales average with 1% conversion rate.

1 top keyphrase - 2 sales 

Remember that I said earlier that to just come even, each keyphrase would need to sell 5 programs just to come even?

Well, here we go... through my adwords campaign, these top keyphrases achieved only 2 sales average or max.

Why would these numbers be higher for the organic searches?

Well, here are some possibilities...
  1. Organic searches have higher credibility so higher click through rate (many people don't even "see" the adwords ads!") probably double CTR compared with adwords
  2. Some of the keywords could perform way better than 1% CTR up to 30% for a top 3 rank. 
  3. These searches won't only show up on google but on yahoo and bing too
  4. If I score top 10 for these 50 keyphrases, I will score high as well for a VAST variety of similar keyphrases - these similar
  5. worldwide rather than US and western traffic
so overall here are the visits increase expectations when we go from adwords to organic searches:

if 100% = number of visits on that 2007 adwords campaign
  • Points 1 and 2 - 5X adwords visits (500%)
  • Point 3 - 1X adwords visits (100%)
  • Point 4 - 2X adwords visits (200%)
so, we reach potentially 8X more visits from this campaign compared with the adwords one.

Let's round it up to 10X are all these are rough estimates anyway.

Now, if we consider the fact that the organic search traffic is worldwide (not just US and western), that ads another 50% more traffic to this equation.

However, it is better not take that traffic into account because it's conversion rate was very low in the past. This includes asia, africa and latino america and middle east.

so, let's take that traffic out of the equation for now.

I just want to make it easy on the maths.

10X more visits with similar conversion rates - that's 10X more sales

This would bring the sales numbers to 500 sales and $10'000 income.

500 sales means that each keyphrase brings in 10 sales/year.

So, that would make $5000 profit in that case if the SEO fees are $5000 for that year.

Again, its just a numbers game!

The only way to know for sure is to try out!

These are rough estimates and they could be 10X higher or 10X lower.

It's impossible to know for sure.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Offers start coming in for my SEO campaign - The dynamics of a SEO campaign - What to expect or not - NOTE

That's good, I have now a few interesting offers.

What's funny is that some offers still are focused on selling me one top 10 rank for one keyphrase, which is crazy of course because to get volumes of traffic, you need to score high on many more keyphrases.

Scoring high on one phrase is already good but you definitely need to consider the search volume and the actual clicks that this top position generates.

Fore many of my keyphrases, that could be not much...

For instance the keyphrase "dealing with jealousy" generated 11'000 impressions in 2 years (that's US and western world market - I can imagine that worldwide, these numbers would probably double)

With a 1% click through rate for that specific phrase, I got a 100 visits from that specific keyphrase.

At 1% conversion rate, that's 1 sale in 2 years from that specific phrase.

So, for this to be profitable you need to have dozens or even thousands of keypharses to drive traffic.

At the peak of my adwords activity, I had 100'000 keyphrases in my campaigns.

So, back to that one keyphrase, dealing with jealousy.

If you are in the top 3 in the ogranic search, the click through rate will be way higher. Let's say that it's 20%.

This means that for 100 people seeing your link in the organic search results, 20 will click on the link.

If that phrase gets searched 20'000 times in 2 years (worldwide), we get now, 4000 visitors to my page in 2 years for that specific keyphrase.

because visitors are less targeted now, the conversion rate is lower, let's say 0.5% this means that you make 1 sale for 200 visits to your page (that's realistic expectations by the way - the conversion rate could be even way lower... I'll explain why another time)

So 4000 visitors, that's 20 sales from traffic driven by that specific key phrase.

with my product at $19, that's grossly $400 in 2 years

If you have just one keyphrase, that's not much right?

Now, if you have 100 similar targeted keyphrases, you end up with

  • 2'000'000 impressions
  • 400'000 visitors
  • 2'000 sales
  • 40'000 in revenue in 2 years from that specific campaign with 100 keyphrases.
Now, there are various reasons why these number could go up or down a lot.

These are only estimations to put in perspective the search and conversion dynamics + the numbers needed to be successful.

See the picture?

If you target just 1 key phrase, the numbers stay too small!

In my estimation, you need to ideally work with 50-200 key phrases to have an impact.

Smaller efforts will of course already pay off but if you want a real break through, you want more than that.

That's unless, you score in the top 10 for a single word like "jealous" or "jealousy"

Then of course, the search volume for these words is way higher... But the conversion and click through rate rate will be way lower too.


Here is another factor: it's not just about reaching the top 10 results! It is about keeping your page there for an extended period of time! that's 2 years for instance!

Another point: being in the top 1, top 3 or top 10 makes a huge difference in search volume!

If you are top 1, I guess click through rate 20%-40%

Top 3 - 10%-20%

Top 10 - 2%-10%

These are just rough guesses simply to put this into perspective.

Now, suppose that you hire a SEO firm to position you in the top 10 for 100 keyphrases.

If they charge you $100/keyphrase to get you there, thats' $10'000

If you achieve the results I mentioned above (40'000 in revenues) that's worth it, right?

Now, imagine that instead of 20% clickthrough rate, you get 10% on your link in the organic search results... 

This means that your income drops by half and you end up with half your profit, so $20'000.

Now suppose, that they put you in the top 10 only for a year instead of 2 years for that price.

Again, your profit is cut by half!

You end up with $10'000 income.

You just spent $10'000 on SEO

In other words, you make ZERO profit on that one!

See? It's just a number's game!

The edge between profit and no profit is VERY thin.

A simple drop in your ranking can easily cut your income by half!

You need to be super smart with that and understand the dynamics to succeed!


Again, this is just one campaign example with 100 key phrases

You could have for instance 200 key phrases or 50!

You can have multiple products as well, which is what I have.

You can have an upsell structure as well and double your profit when people sign up for an upgrade.

All these choices and possibilities, right?

Whats' essential is that it's a HIGHLY competitive game and probably 95% of those who try to play, FAIL!

They might fail because their running costs, SEO fees or overall strategy is not solid enough.

Their conversion rate on their sales page might be low, or the pricing could be too high, or in the middle of their campaign, google changes on line of code in their algorithm and your top ranking efforts are annihilated overnight!

These are all REALISTIC scenarios!

You need to be super smart to succeed!

They key success element is: How much you will pay for SEO!!!

That's the place where you can go broke or be a total success.

Yes, that's the EXACT spot where you can fail or succeed!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

What happens when you give away rather than trying to sell? - NOTE

Here is a good example:

In the last month, I posted 8 ebooks on scribd - total views = 542

in the same period/time frame, I posted 6 ebooks on kindle - total sales = 1

See the dilemma?

Now, it's possible that a few of the views on scribd are not full reads but you see the difference, right?

It's most probable as well that so far my ebooks on kindle didn't get much exposure either yet.

If you give it away, you get 1000x more exposure!

That's really something to consider.

Same story with with my videos and MP3's - It's because I gave them away that I got so much exposure.

On youtube 2.5 million views so far - same number range with Itunes.

That's lots of people exposed to my content, strategies, life tactics.

I estimate that around 1 million people a year are exposed to my teaching, energy or materials in one way or another.

People who actually bought something from me in the same period: around 6000.

So, if my marketing model had been to just sell, I would have missed on impacting on a LOT of people's lives.

I like this free impact! In fact I am proud of it!

Most people who know me tell me I give away too much for free.

If the goal is to make money and engage in commercial transactions, sure I might.

If on the other hand the goal is to transform the planet for the best and give each person the tools they need, I should give away even more!!!!

Of course, I am aware that tons of creative people in all sorts of fields are confronted with the exact same dilemma.

each time a doctor takes off to a third world country and engages in charity work, they do the exact same thing. They might leave behind a successful practice and opportunity to make lots of cash.

But... They do it anyway because the force that pushes them to take that step is not commercial greed! It is connection, compassion, the desire to open doors rather than creating divisions.

Anyway... That's THE dilemma - Right now, I stand somewhere in between and 80% of what I create is given away.

The advantage of digital content is that there is no price for printing or shipping!

In the past, we could not do that with books because printing and distributing these books costs money!

Digital content radical shifts the equation if one wants to.

This applies to lost of other products, like open source software, digital pictures, wikipedia, online videos, podcasts, and so much more.

It is fantastic that it is that way.

The planet needs that type of impact and that type of sharing!

It is good for consciousness and human evolution because it speeds up exchange of knowledge, ideas and energy!

I am sure that many people face the same type of dilemma in the creative field.

Right now, what maintains me is a fine balance between these two lines of actions.

I am thankful for the opportunity to give away so much and ask for guidance to help me make the right choices in the future!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I feel honored and blissed!

Just posted this job request for SEO - SEO for 1 sales page - 180 keyphrases - Top 10 google rank - NOTE

Here is a copy of the ad below


SEO for 1 sales page - 180 keyphrases - Top 10 google rank

I have a sales page that has been online for a few years.

I want this page to rank top 10 on google for 180 targeted key phrases.

I am looking for long term collaboration as this would be only a first pilot project.

I will need a ranking report at start and then a weekly report to check progress.

I need to track yahoo, bing and google but will only consider the results on google for payments

Payment structure?

Here is a suggestion:

- 0-50 key phrases hit the top 10 --> $50/month
- 50-100 key phrases hit the top 10 --> $100/month
- 100-150 key phrases hit the top 10 --> $150/month
- 150-200 key phrases hit the top 10 --> $200/month

The first of each month (February, March and April), we check results and you get paid accordingly.

Key phrases are 2 to 4 words in a not too competitive market

Key phrases need to hit top 10 with broad match.

I want to aim for getting top 10 ranking for all these 180 key phrases within 1-3 months.

This is a LONG TERM project. If the first 3 months prove to be a success, I will be happy to extend our partnership after that. I have as well many more targeted pages that I want to market in a similar way.

I have a max monthly budget of $200 if 150-200 key phrases hit the top 10.

Ideally I would pay you only once I see results.

If you can guarantee top 3 or top 1 position, I want to hear that - let me know as well.

You are the experts, so I await as well your suggestions for time frame and pricing if what I suggest above doesn't suit you.

Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you


So, here are a few ideas about this ad.

First is that I want to try and pay on results!

When a provider gives you a SEO offer, they often say things like "Guaranteed results", right?

So, here is the chance for providers to prove to me that they really believe and trust what they are saying.

I posted that only a few hours ago and got a few replies but will wait 2-3 days before drawing a conclusion.

The thing with SEO is that you can take tons of steps and get very little results.

The results you want to achieve are targeted traffic from organic results on google.

It is really that simple!

The steps by themselves like publishing articles, or exposure on social bookmarking sites or anything else have little impact if it doesn't translate in higher rankings on google.

So... Again, here it is... My question now to all SEO experts out there is: Can you deliver the results!

Another core element in my offer is pricing structure with a certain price per number of key phrases reaching top 10...

To be followed...

Added 20+ keywords in META description and Meta kewords in jealousy for men and jealousy for women pages - NOTE

my break up for men page has been getting way more traffic than the jealousy pages.

When checked, found out that a long time ago, I added meta keywords and meta description tags to the break up for men pages but never did it to the jealousy pages.

Just did that today.

I make a not here as a reminder


Next step is to check traffic to these pages and see if there is any impact just using that strategy.

If there is it's one I can implement in dozens of other pages on my site of course.

It is a basic one and the reason I never implemented it is because I never optimized these pages to rank high in search engines.

My SEO strategies to score high was always one keyphrase per page rather than many keyphrases for just one page.

This is why on page optimization for these main sales pages was never done.


What's the time frame? if this strategy works, my guess is around 3 months for seeing a change in ranks.

of course, I'll be thrilled if any results can be seen earlier than that.