Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big conversion rate difference between the jealousy program and the break up program - Why? - NOTE

In the months sept to nov 2010, I noticed a big conversion rate difference between the jealousy and break up for men programs.

  • jealousy scored really high for that period: 3%
  • break up which has typically been higher in the past came with 1%
now, break up for men gets way more traffic 10X more actually with lots of traffic coming form google searches.

Jealousy for men on the other hand has way less traffic and maybe more targeted traffic from your tube.

When people watch a video before they get to my site, I believe they are warmer to buy so this could explain this difference in conversion.

When people are in the "search" more on google, they scan many pages one after the other probably.

This is a VERY different behavior.

So, this could explain the conversion rate difference.

There is another important element and I want to know if this factor plays a role too.

Break up for men is a way longer sales page.
  • 5 videos
  • long list of testimonials
  • detailed content
  • content is centered
  • page above the fold has 2 videos
Jealousy for men has
  • 1 video
  • only a few testimonials
  • same detailed content
My question is: what is the cause for the difference in conversion rates?
  • Is it the difference in sales pages?
  • the difference in traffic source?
If it's because of the type of page, I need to know that...

Is it better to stuff the sales page with as much info as possible, like 5 videos, etc.

Or is it better to keep it way simple like in the jealousy page?

I need an answer for that! I need a hint!

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