Thursday, January 6, 2011

Small scale versus large scale marketing campaigns - NOTE

You have tow ways of approaching your online marketing!

The first one is by taking micro steps and hoping that somehow, through a magical viral process or word of mouth or sudden referral, tons of traffic and sales will come your way...

Yeah! Right!

The other way to go is put in place a marketing machine that gives you LOTS of exposure and sales.

Guess which of those tow approaches work best?

You know the answer, right?

This is BUSINESS! and to succeed with business, you need a business model that works!

Do you hope that simply by posting your product on a facebook page or having a one time conference call or by posting a "I like" facebook icon on your pages, that suddenly some miracle will happen?

That's wishful thinking and it's NOT ENOUGH to make it!

You need way more than that!

You need a marketing machine! A marketing system!

single individual steps here and there are not enough!

You need MORE!

Got that?

Putting a book online and hoping that will sell is NOT GOOD ENOUGH because to be sold it needs massive exposure! we are talking about thousands of people exposed to your product! Not just a few!

And to get your products to be exposed to thousands of people, you need a system!

Not just a system! You need a MARKETING ENGINE!

Probably 99% of products out there don't succeed or are never seen because NO ONE knows about them!

It is REALLY that simple!

You have 5 billion people on this planet!

Millions need to know about your product.

Thousands need to visit a sales page

Hundreds will buy

this is the scale of reach you have to work with.

Simply hoping that somehow, your conversion rates or audience's response will be different is simply NOT realistic!

Keep your two feet on the ground and realize that if you want to succeed, you have to think BIG!


otherwise, it stays REALLY local!

Many people make the mistake that by marketing to just their social circle will be enough!



That's what you have to look at!

And going big IS CHALLENGING!

You need to step out of your comfort zone and take risks when you do that!

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