Monday, January 17, 2011

Youtube - Video campaign - week 2 - NOTE

So far the 5 videos I posted are getting exactly what was expected...

Around the 100 views each, a few comments, a few Likes, etc.

Everything that happens on these videos is quite predictable as it follows the exact trend to what has been happening before on my videos.

The results are good because within a week, that's 1500 views (youtube and other sites + podcast)

Traffic to the jealousy page related with these postings is insignificant ( a few views/day probably).

My question is: is there anything I can do that can radically improve the impact of these videos?

Here is what comes to mind:

  • First, the video IS the goal by itself. Using video as a traffic generating technique is ok that's a side goal compared with giving people a fantastic experience when they watch it.
  • More editing? In the past, I didn't see a big change between edited and not edited videos but I am not sure about that one... It could very well be that a more targeted video with less pauses and higher rhythm (removing the blanks in the speech) could lead to more engagement from the audience... I am not sure about that one... the challenge with that one is that editing takes LOTS of time. It doubles or triples the time I spend on a video.
  • The videos that get lots of views are the main trend videos on topics which are very simple. At least for me. Some channels go deeper and get lots of views.
  • Level of energy! I can engage in this conversation with a higher, directive energy flow! That's the main element I feel would make a difference right now - Focus LESS on selling! Way more in communicating a solid idea filled with energy. Less commercial style. more energy and purpose driven. If you are trying to sell something, visitors feel it and it is a turn off. A short 15 sec mention at the end of the video is enough!
Ok... Just did the recording and focused on the ENERGY I put in what I communicate. 


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